[email protected]: The Punisher: No Mercy Review

Jordan Slo of [email protected] Writes: "Not too long ago a game was released on PSN called Punisher No Mercy. When I got this game I did not expect much. for $9.99 it didn't seem like it would be much either. well guess what. for $9.99 you get what you pay for! When I started this up I noticed right away it was an Unreal engine game. This seemed more like just a complete Unreal Tournament Mod!"

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Socomer 19794327d ago

I only gave punisher a 7 because its exclusive. Im pretty bias that way, lol.

Cajun Chicken4327d ago

Hopping between this and Psychokinetic Wars is a nice change from most modern multiplayer gaming. I'm a big fan of arena shooters like this and I'm pretty happy with the overall quality of both these games for a small price.