Games Are Evil Review: The Conduit (Wii)

GrE writes, "When the Wii's motion controller was first revealed, FPS fans everywhere rejoiced. Here was a console that had the potential to offer the best, most innovative FPS controls seen since the mouse and keyboard PC combo. With the announcement and trailers of Red Steel, gamers all over the world were salivating at the chance to be literally in the shoes of a shooter's protagonist. Well, it has been a while since Red Steel came out, and that turned out to be a whole lotta meh. Now, High Voltage Games set out to make the ultimate Wii shooter, with extremely customizable controls, utilization of Nintendo Wi Fi connection, and even sporting compatibility with Wii Speak. This is The Conduit."

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Neco5124324d ago

Looks like the Wii FINALLY has a good shooter

bgrundman4324d ago

This is no COD4 though... so let's not get ahead of ourselves.

CrAppleton4324d ago

Yeah.. but Wii fans don't get COD games.. and the ones they do get suck.. this looks like a winner to me :D

Double Toasted4323d ago

Either I need your avatar or you need my, I think I need your avatar,lol.

kunit22c4323d ago

some scared fanboy came through here and gave every posotive comment a disagree lol, wow but on topic this is actually a good fair review unlike other certain sites, they realized (like i did) that the story and action got more intense twords the end of campaign.

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roblef4324d ago

I played this game a little, and really liked it. Will be buying it for sure.

Neco5124324d ago

I can't wait to try this one out

bgrundman4324d ago

my god, this game looks sooooo good.

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The story is too old to be commented.