The Ending That Ruined Resident Evil 5

The article reads, "I'd be a liar if I said that I enjoyed Resident Evil 5 from start to finish, because I didn't. The well documented issues with the controls, interface and atrociously annoying inventory aside, the game is actually quite a blast, especially in co-op mode with another player. These little problems with the game are merely issues that you'll deal with and and not find to be too much of a hassle.

No, these well documented complaints isn't what ruins the game for me. Resident Evil 5 is, for the most part, a brilliant game packed with powerful sequences of adrenaline pumping action intense visuals. The one and only thing that kills me about Resident Evil 5, at least for me, is its final boss fight. It is like a nasty, maggot-ridden wound on an otherwise beautiful face. Were the game a person, it would cry out for a bandage."

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KionicWarlord2224324d ago

Werid...Ending was excellent. Seems writer was annoyed about how you have to axe the last boss.

ape0074324d ago

the last act was a killer

StillGray4324d ago

Some context: I'd been playing the game pretty much for several hours non stop in co-op over XBL and that last act pretty much murdered what patience we had left. It was grating to deal with the thumb pressing.

KionicWarlord2224324d ago


"A new Genesis is at hand, and I will be the creator"

StillGray4324d ago

It is a line well spoken yet vexes me deeply due to the number of times I had to listen to it.

SpoonyRedMage4324d ago

Oh god, I hated the ending as well. The actual resolution was good but the last level was murder.

christian hour4324d ago

Ditto to everyone above me bar the one guy who said its excellent, you sir, you're just... how the hell did you not wanna pull your hair out during that sequence? Especially for me, I was stook with AI Sheva because I wasn't arsed renewing my Gold subscription and my brother is a worse gamer than AI Sheva.

I could only finish this boss fight 3 days later when a friend came around to split screen and help me kill the c-u-next-tuesday, even still it took about 2 hours!

Syronicus4324d ago

I had no problems taking him out with the sequence of events required but have to admit, the ending was a bit bland for me. I miss the days of old when RE was scary.

KionicWarlord2224324d ago

All i know is at the end of the game i had a smile on my face thinking :

"Cant wait to the next one."


StillGray4324d ago

There's a rumor going around that the next Resident Evil will be a series reboot.

Beast_Master4324d ago

Considering Albert made his final appearance, I am sure you are right. I am sure after all the nit-picking of the Tank controls (Which I had no issue with) there will be some big changes. I would expect to see the step up to 28 Days/L4D zombies from the Romero/RE ones we are accustom to.

Foxgod4324d ago

Ending was fine, i care more for the game content itself then ending tho.
I find people who are fixated on endings to be a bit strange.

Game content > game ending.

Hellsvacancy4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I was GLAD i rented it (thats NOT a good)

christian hour4324d ago

Nobodies judging the game on its ending. The fact that everyone hear is commenting on how difficult some of them found the end boss, should tell you more than enough that people enjoyed the game content enough to play it all the way through.

This isn't a conversation on how the game sucks becaus the ending was hard and poorly implimented, its about how one guy found the ending difficult, but loved the rest of the game, and wants to share that with the countless others who probably felt the same. People here arent saying the ending mae the rest of the game sucked... Although just reading the title of the article may lead some to think thats the point been amde here.

Prototype4324d ago

The ending of 5 made me say out loud "FINALLY!" and not in a good way either

I'll give capcom credit for wanting to try something new, however Directors cut and 2 were the best I've played (Key word I not everyone else) and those were some scary games. All 5 did was slap the name on an action game, and used some names from a well-known series (Translation, it looked like a whole different game all together but Capcom wanted to milk the series a little bit more so they called it RE5 and added some well known characters in it). I'd say Dead Rising should deserve the name RE in it and not 5 to be honest

Downtown boogey4324d ago

Some things are very exaggerated! You DON'T have to mash the X/Square button that fast (Maybe it's because I can get thru the torture part in MGS1 on Extreme pretty easily...) and the "puzzle" is actually quite self-explanatory. And hitting the "weak point" of Wesker (the idea alone is stupid, though... The weak point I mean) is very easy UNLESS you're playing with an A.I. partner. Then the fidelity of the game's design takes a serious hit.

Panthers4323d ago

I loved the game, but I have to admit that I was very upset at the death of Wesker. I mean come on, he was the coolest character in the series.

And they made damn sure that there wasnt even the slightest doubt that he was dead. Falling into a volcano and getting 2 rockets to the face. Lets just say no one will be saying "well, maybe he is still alive..."

agentace4323d ago

the ending was easy, i dont know about everyone else but i`ve got so much ammo i have to dump it because i`ve got nowhwere to put it, and theres like 3 ways to do the ending if you cant do it one way do it another, its really not that hard

ThanatosDMC4323d ago

Wesker can punch and dent heavy metal walls. Wesker punched Chris. Chris stood up like he's made of something stronger than metal.

Chris punching the boulder. Best wtf moment in the game. It was just ridiculous.

Anyway, it doesnt make sense to take Wesker out of the picture. He had better survive that... or else there's nothing else for RE6 or whatever unless they go with tons of prequels.

SlaughterMeister4323d ago

You fight Wesker in that hangar area, which is fine, it's cool Then you jump on that plane, and it's crashing down to the ocean--but oh look, they're saved! There just happens to be a friggin' volcanic island nearby, which they crash into, emerge unscathed from the crash, and Wesker turns into another generic Resident Evil monster.

You then fight him on a stupid rock platform, and in order to reunite our two separated heroes, Chris has to PUNCH a BOULDER into the lava to create a sort of bridge platform. Finally Wesker is defeated, in a way that was totally and completely unworthy of the character--but wait again! Just as they're about to escape (pay attention now, you won't have expected this) Wesker shoots his tentacle-arm up out of the lava and grabs the helicopter! Gripping. (No pun intended.)

Seriously, now; Wesker was cool because he was different. He didn't fit the mold of the "scientist-turns-monster, turns super-monster" formula that Resident Evil had been using. In a series that had become cliched and old hat, he was one of the main reasons why Resident Evil remained a compelling story. A good antagonist will draw you in every time, especially one as ruthlessly and brutally evil as Wesker.

Not to mention the fact that they didn't bring back the zombies in any real capacity. Imagine this, if you will: evil parasite dudes with guns about to kill Chris and Sheva, but then! From the shadows! ZOMBIES! Not one or two or ten, but DOZENS! While they weren't looking, the G-virus (or another one, take your pick) had been infecting people, and there are hundreds of zombies marching around somewhere out there, and now Chris and Sheva have a new enemy to face: The reanimated corpses of the new smart-zombies.

They can bring this series back from the crapfest it has become by doing two things:

BRING BACK THE F***ING ZOMBIES! Everyone wants them, just bring them back! BRING THEM BACK! The traditional ones, the runners, the ones who explode, guys who are nothing but a torso with entrails hanging out, etc, etc. EVEN THE BALD GUYS IN LAB COATS!

And bring back Wesker. Write it into the story that it wasn't Wesker that died, that he has used a *NEW* techonology to replicate himself and each of the copies has different powers. The original is super-powerful, and ultra-evil, and is controlling that new Umbrella rip-off from behind the scenes. And--get this--it turns out that Wesker is Chris' EMPLOYER! Have the trailer showing Wesker sitting in a dark lab in front of a computer terminal, and he's speaking on the phone to an as-yet-unnamed ally. Then, the camera pans back revealing rows of glass tubes lit up by an unearthly green glow, and inside each tank is ANOTHER WESKER! Then, just as the image is about to fade, we get a glimpse of TYRANT in one of the tubes.

ultimolu4323d ago

Lol, Thanatos is so right. I was like 'wtf...didhe just punch a boulder?!'

Best the game in Normal, Veteran, and Professional. It was fun but they need to get back to original RE roots.

Kushan4323d ago

Did none of you people consider just knifing wesker in the final battle? It's not that hard.

likedamaster4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

...just the small things like punching the boulder(wtf?) and instances like when Wesker puts a gun to Chris head and DOESN'T pull the trigger. Lame! Sheeva could have at least distracted Wesker from pulling the trigger while Chris knocks the gun away or something to make it more believable. I called "RE BS" when I saw that. Oh well, still a great game. My 2 cents.

ThanatosDMC4322d ago

EXACTLY! If Wesker was super fast (teleporting/disappearing) why wont he just teleport a point blank and shoot Chris or Sheva or whoever.

His punches or kicks should either go through bodies or cut them in half.

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Rhezin4324d ago

But the whole game itself was just a huge disappointment. Frankly I can't wait for the oldschool resident evil's releasing on PSN this year.

JustinSaneV24324d ago

I don't recall having anywhere near as much trouble with the last stage as the author did...

I seem to remember it being a breeze actually...

StillGray4324d ago

Well, I didn't opt to replay an older mission to replenish my ammo, so I had a tough/frustrating time.

Nineball21124324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I played the whole thing with the AI partner (and I even played through as Sheva once). Once I knew what I had to do, it wasn't so bad...

It got MUCH easier once I had unlimited ammo and a rocket launcher. ;-) Hahaha...

On a side note, I'd have a Platinum Trophy on this thing, but I'm just not going to buy DLC in order to get it. It's not worth it to me and I can't justify it.

Keowrath4324d ago

JustinSaneV2, completely agree with you, the last boss was pretty easy I thought... Hardest challenge I had was to beat the big dude when you're in the Jeep on Veteran. Ndesu his name? LOL for some reason when I went through on professional I beat him on my 2nd or 3rd go... Veteran was like 30 continues!

I can't see where people had a problem with the last boss tho and yes I went through the game on all difficulties with AI Sheva.

Nineball2112, Unless they changed it, you do not need the DLC to get the platinum. I got my Plat about 2 or 3 days after the DLC was released.

bunbun7774324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I didnt think the end was overly hard, though there was some confusion as to when i was actually able to hurt Wesker, once i figured out the pattern and could stand safely out of his way, piece o' cake! (it took me about 6 play throughs i think =B)

JustinSaneV24323d ago

I didn't opt to go back and get ammo either. I'm OC about conserving ammo in FPS games so I always have a plethora by the time the end of any game arrives.

And I concur about your view on DLC Nineball. There's no such thing as a "complete" game anymore.

Nineball21124323d ago

@ Keowrath - You know... you might be right. I remembered after I posted that comment, that I actually haven't got the "Lead Aspirin" trophy yet, and that's the LAST one I need except for the DLC trophies.

Oh, and you are RIGHT ON! about the Ndesu thing when you're in the jeep. It took me a LONG time to get through that on Professional and I was near tears... LOL.

THAT was much harder than the end Boss battle.

N4Flamers4323d ago

it must suck to be denied a completion for a game you have completed because you wont spend money on what should have been in the game in the first place. I got it on my 360 so after I got my 1000 I stopped playing. I played mercenaries for a bit but then I was like ehh I played enough.

I thought the boss wasnt that hard, and I used to hate the torture in mgs1. BTW I hate the microwave alley in MGS4, makes me want to get a rapid fire controller, but that was harder than the sheva segment.

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Serjikal_Strike4324d ago

frustrating then satisfying...thats what makes a great game!

MetalGearBear 4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

RE5 ending is stupid escape helicopter.
RE4 Ada Story ending is stupid escape helicopter.
RE3 ending is stupid escape helicopter.
RE1 ending is stupid escape helicopter.
what next? RE6?

i am tired of this BS!!!!!

Edit: @fantasystar
*faceplam* lol at u.

FantasyStar4324d ago

You think that's bad. Go play 50 Cent: BotS. Just about every boss is in a stupid helicopter!