NowGamer: The Conduit Review

High Voltage is here to prove a point. Yes, it wants to entertain, innovate, engross, and all the other things that developers like to do, but with The Conduit it really has something to say. For too long, Wii owners have had to make do with the stylised worlds of Super Mario Galaxy and Zack & Wiki.

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ChickeyCantor4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

"Metroid Prime 3 feels like one of the most forward-thinking shooters of this generation, and that’s because of Wii technology, not in spite of it. High Voltage has failed to grasp the strengths of Nintendo’s innovative machine, and the result is a game that would be fundamentally the same regardless of what console it was built for. The Conduit isn’t bad, just anonymous"

So how did The Conduit go bad by basically taking what Metroid prime 3 did good and expand it by making it fully customizable?

I wonder if "visuals" are about the art-style or the overal render...