Neocrisis - Street Fighter IV (PC) Confirms "DLC" Already On Disc

Neocrisis: When the "DLC" Costume Packs were announced for Street Fighter IV, gamers were irked to see something as basic and standard in fighting games as unlockable costumes being sold to them.

The release of the PC version of Street Fighter IV confirms that the alternate costumes were already included on the retail disc to begin with and we have the proof.

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vhero4330d ago

That proves its on PC Disc not console disc though.. Some people really outta think about these things before posting articles. Although we already know they probably did release it on the disc already this still isn't proof its on console discs like the article claims.

Baka-akaB4330d ago

Sure it is no proof , but the lead platform for the game was the PC , and the only changes seems to be those filters .

There are very probably no reasons they would bother modifying the disc .

DirtyLary4330d ago

Nothing we don't already know.

FamilyGuy4329d ago

The fact that the arcade version had the costumes before the console versions were released is proof enough.

Why has no one decompiled the 360 version to see if it was on the disc?

riceandbeans4329d ago

The PC version is a near direct port of the 360 version to the point where they share the same file formats. It's pretty much proof in the pudding, especially when you consider the size of the key to unlock the content and the size of the textures.

mc-fine4329d ago

needs to be on the disc so others can see the costumes. You pay to unlock just like the console.