PS3 XMB Video

Here is another video of the PS3 XMB that surfaced on the net, but this time showing more of the features in action. Though we already know most of these features, still, nothing beats seeing a better executed demo.

kingboy6176d ago

luv it !thanks for this longer vid man

Gamer136176d ago (Edited 6176d ago )

The whole thing looks dull, and it seems just like the psp when going through stuff like pictures etc.

The only thing matter to me is playing online multi player on the ps3 just like my 360.

Noxel6176d ago

They call this a menu? AHAHAHA i laugh. PSZero doesn't have a fighting chance.

shoota336176d ago

I think you are able to put your photo's as the wallpaper but it looks good anyway


just like the 360

i wonder where they got that idea!

andy capps6175d ago

The 360 got the idea from PC's.. it's nothing new. It's the natural result of having a console that has a hard drive and is more like a computer. OMG, PS3 is copying the 360 because it has a hard drive.. OMG, the 360 is copying the PS2 because it uses DVD-9's.


your retarded, they got the idea from their own PSP, check it out. They didnt get it from Microsoft or nintendo. Microsoft copied sony

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