PSP 2 graphical specs leaked?

Eurogamer Spain has had access to internal information about the graphic specs of the upcoming PSP 2, which should be announced at the end of the current year. PSP 2 will feature a SGX543 graphics processor, made by Imagination Technologies. It will run 133 million polygons per second, more than the original Xbox. It will also feature Dreamcast features such as Deferred Rendering

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-x.Red.x-4402d ago

nah, there's no PSP2
that would be STUPID
with psp go, all those psp games.


Kain814402d ago

i dont believe it until i see it, maybe 2011/12 but not 2010

stevenhiggster4402d ago

I hate people who make up stories for hits, I'll believe this when we hear something from Sony themselves. And given their track record of not telling anyone anything until after it's happened then we won't be hearing anything from them anytime soon. :D

DevastationEve4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

There's no reason to, besides newer specs. Sony doesn't have to release a new PSP, they just need to keep support going for their current PSP.

I love the PSP just as it is, PSPgo isn't for me. And if it's true, they better not change the body, it's the perfect layout for form and functionality. Beautiful screen too...they better not change that!

edit: listed under Rumors, but this guy is saying that it WILL have all these features? so FAIL it's not even funny.

FamilyGuy4402d ago

This is a joke and the psp is selling too well currently (especially in japan) for them to cannibalize their sales with a new one. The Go! will let them know what direction the should take with their next system anyways.

Marcelles254402d ago

and im sure they have the specs for what they want to do already for the new one even if its not coming till 10/11/12

im sure they have the specs for the PS4 down on paper

the ps3's cell went into development in 2001 a year after the ps2 was made
they got to be prepared for the future

RememberThe3574402d ago

But if you think that Sony isn't working on a PSP2, your being entirely too naive.

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cmacdonald4402d ago

No they don't have this info, who posted this crap.

clinker4402d ago

This information is super old and has already been discussed at length here:

Ball Buster4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

That page only speculated about the IT and Sony agreement. Them fail to select the actual chip, a model that keeps under development even today, and the final specs. Nothing to do with the info provide by

yencid4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

why is it that everytime something from sony is leaked people call it fake then it ends up being real? the fact is sony (or more the playstation brand) is full of leakers.

waltercross4402d ago

I Don't believe this is real until a more reliable source
says so, then maybe, otherwise do you think king kong
is real?

Elvfam5114402d ago

"It will run 133 million polygons per second, more than the original Xbox. It will also feature Dreamcast features such as Deferred Rendering"

Is that even possible for a handheld if it's true

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The story is too old to be commented.