Spawn Kill Review: Fight Night Round 4

The Herp of Spawn Kill writes:

"Few may remember when Fight Night took a step forward to becoming top dog when it comes to boxing games. The one that started it all was Fight Night 2004. This is when EA decided to go away from the standard punching controls and went with the right analog stick controls. Since then every new Fight Night has brought just a little more innovation. Round 2 brought us the EA Cutman mini-game and Round 3 brought us a first glimpse at what next-gen graphics can give us. With EA Chicago closing during the early stages of Round 4 many people feared that it would not be able to live up to the predecessors standards. Thankfully Fight Night Round 4 is an improvement but seeing as it's been 3 years since the last one, how much of an improvement is it?"

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tigresa4333d ago

Hmm, I definitely want to try the new stick controls in R4 even if just to see how different it feels.

dwightmccarthy4333d ago

yeah the controls make it a bit easier for ppl who arent used to it. it also makes you man up and wont let you use the buttons anymore. if you are at all interested you should def rent it even if its only for the graphics.