New Hellboy Screens

Here are some new Hellboy Screens.

Based on the acclaimed comic book series from Dark Horse Comics, the game lets players unleash Hellboy's supernatural strength as they smash, crush and demolish their way through over six unique locations that boast fully destructible environments as they attempt to thwart an evil supernatural plot.

Drawing players into the vibrant and detailed world created by comic book legend Mike Mignola, Hellboy lets players step into the muscle bound frame of Hellboy, a hulking crimson-skinned warrior of supernatural creation. On the trail of a crazed witch, Hellboy uncovers a fiendish plot for world domination and must rush to defeat the crazed Hermann von Klempt before he can exert his evil will on a hapless world.

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Clinton5144203d ago

I remember the early screens from 2006 were extremely underwhelming. Now it looks pretty cool.

nicodemus4203d ago

The fourth picture's enough to give me a headache!

ASTAROTH4203d ago

I recieved my XBOX magazine load with the demo disc and this game really sucks. Its like a buffed original Xbox game. I hope they did it the rigth way but the early looks tell me that this is going to be another crappy lisenced game. At first it looked good, but now with the anouncement of DMC4 on the 360, the incredible amazing Heavenly Sword, Ninja Gaiden Zigma and the future God of War game; I dont see this game stealing these high profile titles thunder even being a copycat of all of them. FANATICS...

Cartesian3D4203d ago

I think they will polish it more and more... in nextgen business they cant sell enough with crap visuals.. and for sure they know that..

so just wait ..

but at the end I agree with u guys.. screens are like crap , low details ,low res textures ... and so on..