Final Fantasy Gaiden Website Open

The Final Fantasy Gaiden Website is now fully open. Unless you can read Japanese there isn't much content on it yet other than the completed concept art that was slowly being drawn in and some music...

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KeenanTheSavage4324d ago

Looks cool. Being a final fantasy wh0re, definitely can't wait until this game comes out or we get more info on it. :D

SuburbanHell4324d ago

Yeah, I hate to admit it but I think I was probably going to pick this up anyway just because it's another Final Fantasy on the DS. :D

SpoonyRedMage4324d ago

I'm definately going to pick it up. Square Enix haven't failed me on the DS yet! Plus Tokita's directing and Matrix are the developers apparently.

It's also the first original and traditional Final Fantasy for a Nintendo system since FFVI. That's got to mean something!

PS360WII4324d ago

Sounds good to me. Hopefully they'll make an english version of website for it soon. I agree it should be a fun time as they are going back to the roots of FF and giving us old time gamers something to tinker around with ^^