Shogun Gamer: Fight Night Round 4 review

Corey Rollins writes: Fight Night Round 3 was released in December of 2006 and set the bar for boxing games. Amazing cinematic graphics and intuitive game play made this a classic must own title for boxing and fight fans everywhere. Sure, the game play was a little stiff, and the wall between the fighters seemed a bit corny, but it was still the greatest boxing game to have ever been made. In fact, I have continued to play this game regularly with friends at work for the past 3 years since it's release. So the real question is, does Fight Night Round 4 stack up and improve on the last one? The short answer is yes, depending on what you are looking for in a boxing game.

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Syronicus4325d ago

I have to say, I loved FN:R3 and feel they have dumbed down a few too many things in this one. Yeah I know it might be more realistic but in the end, I loved the ease of laying down so many more hay-makers in the third installment. It also felt like when you connected you were rewarded so much more in the last game. This one is a great game but just not as good as the last one.

AZgamerB3yond4325d ago

You couldn't be more wrong, this game is amazing and better than the rest! It is very realistic and some of the best graphics out there (minus sony exclusives) Its a must buy, everyone will want to play it when they come over.

Syronicus4325d ago

I said that this game is more realistic than FN:R3... Is it not more realistic than it's predecessor?