10° Talks DC Universe Online with SOE

Could DC Universe be the game that breaks the standard MMORPG mold? Find out in this EXCLUSIVE interview with Wes Yang of SOE.

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Christopher4330d ago

- Can join JLA or Society later on in the game

- Normal mobs won't be able to be hit on specific body parts, but some larger boss mobs might

- Combat is very fast and allows you to swap from one mob to another quickly to perform all of your various attacks (he showed attacking, freezing, and then attacking another in only 3 seconds)

- Using Unreal Engine 3

- Level-based system - new powers (ice, fire, electricity, etc.), items, and trait points (strength, resistances, damage mitigation, etc.) as you level

- Big differences between City of Heroes and Champions Online are the physics combat system and the DC Universe

- In Pre-Alpha stage still

- Wes started as a hacker/modder on Atari, then joined Interplay as a tester, went on to programming, etc.