Resolution: Hands-on - Madballs in... Babo:Invasion

Resolution writes: "With all of this from an XBLA dual-stick shooter, you're probably wondering why it's not a full-price, thousand achievement-point Xbox 360 title. With not only this many gameplay features, but some very swish graphics that would take another page to cover, the answer is that we don't really know either. It's a shooter that takes the best elements from every arcade 'shmup before it, and adds a ton of originality on top. In the first paragraph we asked if it was possible to still have a refreshing, original gaming experience with a game that took from so many other titles and melded their ISPs into one game. The answer is yes, and whether it debuts for 800, 1200 or even 1600 points, this game will almost certainly be worth your money."

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