Take A Tour Through Michael Jackson's Private Arcade Game Collection

You've seen the guide book, now see the exhibition itself, as you take a 360-degree tour through Michael Jackson's impressive personal collection of arcade cabinets, which were on display in Beverley Hills earlier this year.


*Too move around click on the pulsing white dots*

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GameOn3543d ago

Nice StarWars collection.

Eiffel3542d ago

I wonder who will bid highest for that life size Lego Darth Vader statue.

lociefer3542d ago

nice collection there mike , too bad u left us u big starwars addict , R.I.P

Dead_Cell3542d ago

I couldn't play games in there,the room just looks so incredibly sterile and soulless.
It's more of a collection for the sake of collection,to inspect and show off. I doubt any of that stuff was really even ever used.

ozone30003542d ago

a party!!! that would be a great room for a videogame party

butterfinger3542d ago

generally care where I am playing, since I'm usually too engulfed in the game to notice. I used to play Street Fighter II at a scary old bowling alley back in the day, and it never seemed to bother me. lol

riddlesticks3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

is this not the display for auction?

(It says "do not touch" on some of the items, so yes I believe this is the auction display.)

tplarkin73542d ago

That was not Neverland. It says that before the virtual tour loads.

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MGOelite3542d ago

pervert or not that is amazing. mj RIP

Persistantthug3542d ago

I wonder if he had a Wii?


Eiffel3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Knowing how dedicated he was to games makes me feel like we not only lost a great performer but a dedicated gamer as well.

Damn. R.I.P Michael.

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The story is too old to be commented.