Zerg StarCraft II Alpha Preview By's StarCraft channel has prepared their third and final article showing off the new and changed units of StarCraft II. This time it's Zerg and we are presented with a thorough and interesting preview of their changes through the StarCraft II Alpha.

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Leord4331d ago

Blimey, the Queen sure has gone through quite an evolution, lol :P

Orphan4331d ago

Indeed. I actually wish the tier structure would come back abit to be honest. Perhaps in the map editor.

Hellsvacancy4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

Preview after preview after preview after PREVIEW just release the damn game already

SCFreelancer4331d ago

@Hellsvacancy: couldn't agree more!

Jhun4331d ago

They're planning 4-6 months of a beta thats going to start in 1-2 months.

And then they're splitting what should be one game into 3 games.

However, I'll probably still end up buying all of them.

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Terrice4331d ago

Nice, looks like the Zerg got quite a few changes despite having been announced much later than the Protoss and Terrans.

Orphan4331d ago

Nice. It's interesting to see all the changes Blizzard has done with the zerg since they were announced. I also prefer the new infestor model to the old one.

Terrice4331d ago

Both the new Infestor and Raven models are among my favorites.

Leord4331d ago

I agree, but the "Raven" isn't really as cool of a name as the nighthawk imho...

Dorjan4331d ago

Wow.. massive article... *bookmarked*

Maticus4331d ago

Looking forward to SCII, nice preview.

Orphan4331d ago

You and half the world I think. I keep expecting the beta to be out "tomorrow"

AntoineDcoolette4330d ago

If by "half the world" you mean "half of South Korea" then sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.