GameFocus: Boom Blox: Bash Party Review

GameFocus writes: "It's only been a year since EA released the first Boom Blox game and not a lot has changed. The first one was a sleeper hit, going mostly unnoticed as one of the best Wii games of 2008 and the only one to bear the name of a legendary film director (Steven Spielberg). Its combination of physics-based gameplay and cutesy animal style made it a game that was hard to resist if you ever got the chance to play it."


- Creative and challenging mission modes and level design
- Co-op mode adds a ton of depth to the gameplay
- There is hours and hours of gameplay in multiplayer and single player
- Controls perfectly suited to the Wii's strengths
- Endlessly addicting gameplay


- Forgettable soundtrack
- A little quickly released to justify the upgrade

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