Project Natal is the Next Generation in Home Entertainment


Microsoft's newest promise of unmatched gaming experience comes in the form of Project Natal. Making its introductory debut to the public at Electronic Entertainment Expo "E3" 2009, Project Natal requires a bit of physical skill from its players that is a bit more demanding than the games featured from the Nintendo Wii. At first glance, Project Natal seems like the creation of Wii games that mixed with a Para Para machine. While the Wii requires a "controller" to be strapped to the player's wrist for optimum gaming experience, Project Natal requires nothing but the gamer's body and voice. Natal acts as an add on to the Xbox 360, built with its own webcam and sensors for depth, voice and motion recognition.

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KionicWarlord2224334d ago

"However, it would be amusing to see someone jump around their living room and claw through their couch like Logan from Wolverine Origins."

ha ha

All Time Greatness4334d ago

lol, I can't wait to seem some of the games that will be releasing for Natal and how it may be used in combination with a controller in games like Halo: Reach. Very exciting.

ShabzS4334d ago

yes .. definitely keeping an eye on halo reach ... something special is being cooked over there...

Natsu X FairyTail4334d ago

The Use of the Controller and Natal both at the same thing will give a Killer Combo. I can't wait to try this out.

shocky164334d ago

FPS games like Halo: Reach could let you use the controller while using Natal too.

It's gonna be AWESOME.

green4334d ago

Thats the thing that most people tend to forget about Natal.There will be Natal only games,Controller only games and games that utilize both and to me, that s what makes Natal's possibilities endless.

Omega44334d ago

I really wish MS hadnt announced it so early, since they rarely ever do that. Now we have to wait a year and a half before its released and the fact it looked practically completed doesnt help reduce the anticipation.

Its not like they need mountains of games for its release just look what the Wii had when it came out and that was a full console, this is just an addon.

green4334d ago

It would have been a PR disaster for Microsoft to have kept this a secret until E3 2010.In fact it would be near impossible because Microsoft can not make every developer sign an NDA concerning games that they are making with Natal in mind when Microsoft is neither funding nor publishing the titles.

I am pretty sure that we will start seeing games from 3rd party devs as as soon as GDC 2010 that would have started incorporating the use of Natal to a degree in their upcoming titles.As for Microsoft, they will showcase their own 1st party and MGS published titles at E3 2010 with release dates for Natal and it's games.

Christopher4334d ago

Oh, you're looking for proof? Well, you'll see me go public in a year and a half.

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