Nintendo Life: Bit Boy Review

Summing it up Bit Boy!! is a great concept for a game and it was interesting to see the interpretation of each gaming generation. The core gameplay in Bit Boy!! isn't terrible, but features serious flaws in the sheer volume of enemies in some levels and indeed the amount of dead ends that are featured in the game – a hallmark of poor level design. A game that uses a maze set up like that of Pac-Man should have levels which ensure that the player has a chance to avoid being unfairly wiped out, unfortunately Bit Boy!! does not manage to achieve this.

The game is also very short lived too, with six different gaming generations one would think that there would be plenty of room for a pretty lengthy game. Unfortunately you can see everything that Bit Boy!! has to offer after just one hours play. On the whole Bit Boy!! is a somewhat frustrating experience that Nintendo Life cannot wholeheartedly recommend.

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