Console Heroes: Gunstar Heroes Review

Console Heroes writes: "Gunstar Heroes is a port of Treasures original Mega Drive/Genesis game that was originally released way back in 1993. The game is a side scrolling platform/shooter which back in the nineties were a dime a dozen. One thing that set the game apart from many others around at the time was the sheer quality of the game play and graphics. (Not to shabby a debut game to release either, that could easily rival some of Capcom's and Konami's games from around the same time.)

One of the things that makes Gunstar Heroes so much fun is the weapons, from the start you get to choose from a selection of four different weapons. If you are playing the game for the first time I would have to recommend using the beam gun (The blue one) or the homing gun (the green one) As both of these are ideal weapons to start with, and when combined are pretty awesome..."

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