SFX-360: Section 8 Preview

SFX-360 writes: "In military terms, Section 8 is referred to as " a discharge from the miltiary due to being mentally unfit for service." According to Southpeak Games and TimeGate Studios, Section 8 has a completely different meaning. It's an elite group of soldiers who complete missions that others would not even dare to take on. Call them insane or even suicidal, but with advanced military hardware and gear, these soldiers get the job done.

So what's Section 8 all about, well here's your intel. In the future, a rogue faction has started a civil war amongst mankind's colonies. To handle the growing unrest, Earth dispatches the elite 8th Armored Infantry, aka Section 8. At first, these soldiers may resemble a certain character we all know from a Bungie franchise. Sure they've got the big guns and the badass armor, but Master Chief they're not. Your mission is to drop in and secure points on the battlefield to repel this faction and bring peace once again.

I had the opportunity to play Section 8 at E3 2009 as well as have a chat with producer, Robert Siwiak of TimeGate Studios. My initial thoughts on the the gameplay was that Section 8 reminded me of Tribes and the Battlefield games. You must take control of specific points on the battlefield which allows to to spawn in those locations..."

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