SFX-360: Plows In Hell Review

SFX-360 writes: "Trapped in hell...not a very good thing. Well unfortunately this is what happens if you've been a very bad boy or girl. In Plows of Hell from developer Handkor, that is your situation. The good news is that your given a chance to escape hell with your soul. The bad news is that you must survive wave after wave of demonic enemies. Of course this will be no easy task since the battlefield is the last sheet of ice in left in hell which by the way is melting away around a circle of fire. So now not only do you have to defeat demonic enemies, you must also protect the ice sheet or burn forever. What do you do?

Plows in Hell is another dual-stick, onmi-directional shooter available on Xbox Live Indie Games. You are placed in a snow plow armed with a cannon with the goal of shooting hell's demons while also protecting an ice core in the center of the arena from melting away. Once the core has melted away, the sheet of ice will begin to melt as well making this a game of survival. Enemies will appear on the screen coming from all directions so you must be quick to the punch or else it's adios amigo..."

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