Co-Optimus: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Review

Being a spin-off, and a new iteration of, the Dynasty Warriors games, Gundam 2 has its own variations and tweaks to the typical Dynasty Warriors elements in order to make the game fit in the context of the Gundam universe. Unfortunately, none of the tweaks are improvements, and the changes to the character and RPG mechanics cause the hack and slash action to turn into the ultimate example of what it feels like to be a snake eating its own tail.

This leads to a fairly mediocre, and potentially friendship altering, co-op experience. [one of smaller parents and less pleasant] In summation, the developers of this game forgot that brevity is the soul of wit, or as babelfish so kindly translated, is consciousness the heart of the cause.

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Gamer_Politics4333d ago

this series just needs to die already

-MD-4333d ago

I enjoy it still.

DW 6 empires is the best in the series.

HarukoHex4333d ago

how good is DW 6, i haven't played one since DW 3 i think. and I might get it but i want to know how it plays and what not.

-MD-4332d ago

They all play the same overall it's a pretty mediocre game by todays standards but I still enjoy them alot they just need some love in the gameplay department.

DW6 Empires is better than DW6 by the way.