DPrime Review: Luxor 2

Luxor 2 is puzzle game developed by MumboJumbo. You can purchase Luxor 2 from the Xbox Live Arcade or you could get it like me and buy a Xbox 360 Arcade. The game never really described the story to me so I came up with my own. In my story you play as flying Luxor god whose purpose for existence is to stop the hobos from rolling their balls into your temple and sleeping there. The hobos (scarab) things push bright colorful balls towards the Luxor temple and to stop the balls you must shoot more colorful balls at the line of balls to get three or more of the same color in a row to destroy balls. If you destroy three things of balls in a row you are awarded a power-up. Some power-ups are actually helpful such as lightning storm, scorpion, or the daggers. While other power-ups that I personally only get when I am in trouble are pointless like net, wild ball, and speed shot.

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