That Gaming Site: Punisher No Mercy Review

"An Unreal 3 engine game with both single and multiplayer for $10? Too good to be true? Well, sort of."

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krouse934333d ago

I was glad I bought this game it's actually Tons of Fun.

Elven64333d ago

I agree, plus at that price it's really hard to go wrong. They're are plenty of similar games at retail that cost more.

RememberThe3574333d ago

I guess I'll have to pick it up. Thanks for the input.

LazyDevs4332d ago

Actually i can't believe i wasted my money on this, the framerate hurts my eyes in single player the controls suck plus you can't map the buttons or change sensitivity. The online play is unplayable but seemed like it could be fun if there wasn't a 2 sec delay when i try to play online.

mastiffchild4333d ago

For some odd reason the PS srore will NOT allow me to download either the demo or the full game so I can't say a great deal about this one except that the reviewer expecting a real SP mode is nuts when you consider dearer games like L4D and UT3 don't bother with anything but a training exercise.

No real reviews of how the co-op does yet either- they always gloss over it, is it THAT bad?

OGharryjoysticks4333d ago

Really nails the Punisher look and feel. Plays great. It's cheap. Add all that up and I would give the game a 9. It misses the 10 because it does have some screen tearing, but for being a licensed product it rocks.

Elven64333d ago

I've never really though of it like that, I guess looking back their haven't been very many good comic to game adaptations.

spydersvenom4333d ago

It's just the same as the sp except there are two of you. each level requires you to do something like get to 50 kills first on your team or survive 8 waves of enemies and you now get a partner to help you do that. good point about it though, no one's mentioning it.

George Costanza4333d ago

This was definitely a day one for me since I'm pretty big into comics hence support the universes when ever possible.

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