DPrime Review: Crystal Defenders

Crystal Defenders is a Field Runners type game with Final Fantasy characters, enemies, and environments. There are three worlds (as they call it) each with four different stages, but only 2 unique ones, the others are the advanced version of the original level. The advanced versions just include more paths for the enemies to travel and diverge on or more things are blocking your attacks, but on the upside the enemies do spawn with a little less health. You start with twenty crystals and if the enemies get to the end of the path they take one. Every ten waves they send four bosses each with the ability to take 2 crystals instead of 1.

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SpoonyRedMage3446d ago

Good, small game. They should release a DSiware version as well(I'm a bit obsessed with DSiware it seems) because it's easy money and I'd definately buy it.

KeenanTheSavage3446d ago

Yeah, I would definitely buy it as well. I'm pretty content with all of the ones out, and for my portable needs, I can just play it on the iPod Touch or iPod Classic.

SpoonyRedMage3446d ago

Well, I don't have an ipod.;) I used to but it crapped out and they wanted £90 to fix it so I ended up buying the mp3 attachment for my DS and an SD card for £30 and now I use my DSi.

but anyway, the more ways to play this game, and the more platforms to play it on, the better.