Blood of Bahamut - Ifrit trailer

Square Enix published a new trailer from Blood of Bahamut featuring Ifrit.

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SpoonyRedMage3447d ago

This game shows everything that's wrong with people. SE are constantly getting ridiculed for lack of new IPs but when they show one like this which is artistic, innovative and highly detailed(look at Ifrit) it gets no attention.

thesummerofgeorge3446d ago

At least I don't see much. Maybe it's not worth the cost to them?

SpoonyRedMage3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

That is part of the problem but even people on this site are largely unaware of this title.

The Last Remnant should show them how important advertising canbe though because whilst it did overall low numbers(but still on par with most other HD JRPGs this gen) it sold quite well in Europe(compared to other titles) and it's obvious the reason was because it was advertised. Something that only really happens for FF and KH here(in the UK)

ThanatosDMC3446d ago

Why you would want a mediocre game (LR) to sell well. It's like hiring somebody to do a half ass job and paying him in full.

3sq3446d ago

"when they show one like this which is artistic, innovative and highly detailed"

How in da hell is this innovative? When it's obviously Shadow of the Colossus rip-off. Nice try, better luck next time, dude.

SpoonyRedMage3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

The similarities to Shadow of the Colossus are superficial really. The only parallel is that the enemy is gigantic. BoB has no platforming or climbing(you just run up them) and whilst it's still strategic the enemies aren't puzzle based and it's also an entirely separate concept. The battles work totally differently and it's also a total different art style. Massive enemy=!copy of Shadow of the Collosus.

It's also not small guy versus giant monster either, they're other stuff going on as well.

3sq3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

No, no spinning here.

Giant Monsters Checked
Climbing Monsters Checked
Small guy VS Giant Monsters Checked
The art-style of Monsters look like they are from SoTC Checked

Gonna spin it again, huh? Give it a try then.

And please do provide me with reasons when you say something
Not just

"The similarities to Shadow of the Colossus are superficial really"
Okay, but you didn't tell me the differences.

It's like, oh they just look similar but they are not the same but I can't explain to you why. Oh I got it I just felt it....What???

"It's also not small guy versus giant monster either"
Then what is it???

Edit: Don't get me wrong the game might be fun. But a copy is still a copy.

SpoonyRedMage3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Right the difference is the emphasis in SoTC is puzzle, platforming whilst BoB is a straight action RPG. Also there's a full party of people as well as enemies that are human sized. The concept of SoTC is one man who's small and insignificant slaying a group of Collosi and has an emphasis on isolation, that's what the game was praised for even, BoB has a whole group of people fighting togehter and if you watch the trailers they're as strong as the giants. SoTC was a sandbox title with lots of exploration, BoB is not. See, lots of key differences. You're basing your argument on the fact that the bosses are gigantic and not much else...

Really, the art style as well? The enemies are summons from Final Fantasy and they're designed as such.

By your logic SoTC could be considered a copy of Kingdom Hearts as there was numerous fights in Kingdom Hearts where you had to jump up and around a gigantic enemy with an emphasis on platforming and puzzles.

EDIT: What I'm saying is that whilst a key part is the same the concept diverge wildly. IT's like how Prototype isn't a copy of Infamous or Killzone isn't a copy of Halo despite their similarities. They just share key concepts.

3sq3446d ago

"By your logic SoTC could be considered a copy of Kingdom Hearts"

No, it's not. Kingdom Hearts has totally difference Art style. Therefore it cannot be considered as a Copy.

But this game has the same art-style and the major concept. They just add more people to it. Modified a little bit of this and that, like those small details you mentioned.

By the way how do you compare a cartoon-like game (KH)with SotC?
I just don't get your logic. It's like comparing a TV with a banana.

SpoonyRedMage3446d ago

Hmmm. BoB is sprite based and a mix of 2D and 3D. KH is full 3D as is SoTC and if genre, story and themes are only small changes to you I don't know what you would have to do to class as a big change.

Alright then if not KH because it's cartoony how about The Legend of Zelda and Monster Hunter. Both offer exploration, LoZ had horse riding, sword using, archery, eploration, platforming. Monster Hunter has the platforming and fighting and giant enemies, especially the flying ones.

But is SoTC a copy of them? no, of course not.

3sq3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Yup, SotC might be a copy of another game but it's definitely not a copy of KH. Now I know why KH, but of course it's SE game. LOL. SE fanboy,huh? Yet you still failed to explain how this game is innovative. heh

Do you actually think I would defend SotC, no no I'm not a fanboy like you. Sorry to have disappointed you :)

The Conclusion is still a copy/rip-off

Edit: No no and no KH has nothing in common with SotC

This is the best you can come up with? Sorry but been there done that. So much for innovative from SE fanboy, LOL. failed misably.

And how can I be a Sony fanboy when I said SotC could be a copy of another game? I just don't get your logic yet again...

Well, just can keep spinning!

SpoonyRedMage3446d ago

Acutally I've read your comments and you're a shameless Sony fanboy so don't try taking some moral high ground here.

I did say KH because it's an SE game that predates SoTC which shows that the elements had already been in there games not that SoTC is a copy because my point is that it's not and your logic has been totally inconsistent with the only justification for the accusation of a copy being that the enemies are massive disregarding genre, style and story. You also disregarded KH on ground of art style whilst BoB is a much different art style to SoTC.

You keep changing your point as well. The game is nnovative because it has a new twist on common SE elements and whilst the giant vs human combat is an element that SoTC had the dynamic of the fighting is different, especially with the involvement on minions in the combat. The actual way the giant enemies are used in the context of the story is also something strange, but not entirely original. Plus to be innovative you don't need all of your elements to be completely original, it's sometimes to mix of elements and how they play off each other that is innovative, a new idea based on a pre-existing template is still innovation.

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Dante433446d ago

Looks like crap, also, it a copy of DMC4 the big white monster battle.

SE has really lost originality.

Cerberus_Hunter3446d ago

Reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus for the DS with Final Fantasy nostalgia going on.

N4Sony3446d ago

But the red flag remains pitched. Watching trailers for this, I get excited but then have this sour feeling in my belly involving these thoughts:

1) Why is this not on next-gen consoles seeing as though scale seems to be a big part of the game (in other words, quick cash cow that looks cool)

2) Controls. Especially invovling the sprite characters.

3) Lack of cohesive flow/ pacing. Square screws this up when a game isn't purely an RPG (The Bouncer, Project Sylpheed).

I'll wait and see what the NA response is to this and give it a couple weeks before picking it up.

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