Electroplankton Set for DSiWare

One of the more unique DS "games" is getting a revival through DSiWare. Nintendo announced today a downloadable version of Electroplankton, to hit the Japanese DSi Ware service starting next week.

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SpoonyRedMage3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

This is more like the stuff we need. Even if it is rehashed from an existing game it's a good way to revive unique stuff like this and with 3 packs worth 200 points it sounds like good value too.

A better strategy though is to get all the regions on roughly equal footage because whilst Japan has got a lot of quality, everywhere else is lacking but could do with having their releases merged as there's already quite a bit of quality on there.(Asphalt 4, PiCOPiCT, MFC, Mario vs DK, etc.)

The apps need to improve as well, whilst I bought the Mario one just to have a calc handy it would be better to get more creative apps like Flipnote Studio to us already. I also want to hear what Nnooo's App is going to be.

Johnny Rotten3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

It's a good little hard to find gem and well worth the price, where I live I saw it going for $50 once. This could've been an awesome music app but for some odd reason the developers decided to leave out the ability to save what your songs.

YoungKingDoran3491d ago

i was going to point out the same thing. ludicrous decision

Kamikaze1353491d ago

I keep seeing this used at Gamestop for like $50....

SpoonyRedMage3490d ago

Yer it's because it's really rare. I miscalculated as well. the Full package on the DSiware costs 2000 points. Which is still a bargain! and you can pick and choose which you want!