Hands on with Microsoft's KODU

TotallyGN writes: "I doubt that there are many Totally readers old enough to remember H.U.R.G. Developed by Melbourne House as a game development "toy" on the ZX Spectrum, H.U.R.G stood for High resolution User friendly Realtime Games development tool, though in reality it ticked none of those boxes, merely allowing errant young teenage speccy owners to produce crude animations and truly rubbish minigames..

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Capt CHAOS4254d ago

From the article..
"If you think you’ve got the time and the inclination, 400 points seems pretty reasonable for something that has serious potential – but if you’re just looking for an amusing and distracting toy that will give you instant gratification and pleasing results, then Kodu’s probably not for you."

This Kodu seems pretty interesting.

Redgehammer4254d ago

This for my children last night and it appears that they are fascinated by it and are ready to spend time creating something to play 8,10 are their ages

jdktech20104254d ago

Can't beat finding a video game that actually teaches you're kids how to be creative.....I'll be interested to see where KODU goes and how prevalent it is in the gaming community

cherrypie4253d ago

Kodu is serious fun. I purchased it last night, and spent the afternoon with my young (5) nephew making "his" game.

It had him very very excited.

I'm interested to see where MSR goes with this. It would be *very* good if XNA Programmers could build new methods, objects and actions and release them. Or, if Art Assets could be imported.

With a better back-end, this could be a real LBP killer. The core-mechanics are more flexible, now all that is necessary is to increase the ability to import more content (mostly art).