Super Mario Bros. 2 feature returns to NSMB Wii

Fans of the original Super Mario Bros. 2 will be happy to know that a big feature of that game will be returning to New Super Mario Bros Wii.

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Product3392d ago

There better be warp zones also, I need my speed runs in order.

locos853392d ago

I hope it's better than Super Mario Bros 2 or should I call it Doki Doki Panic. Which is what the original game was called before they added the Mario characters.

ChickeyCantor3392d ago

An insult to the Americans huh?
I liked "Doki doki panic", it was a refreshing platformer.

Mini Mario3392d ago

Yoshi's back, thats all i care about. In both mario games too.

jroselle3392d ago

Good on Nintendo for bringing back the little things that we all enjoyed in the past.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33392d ago

I mean, sure, its cool and all for the retro effect, and adding 4 players at a time isn't bad, but still, the gameplay itself is still like 15 years old! Once the novelty wears thin(about 10 mins) I think a lot of people are going to be wondering why they bought this game.

PhDInParapsychology3392d ago

That single player quote from Miyamoto is awesome.

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