Fight Night Round 5 Wishlist: The Changes That Need To Be Made

Grey fromTGH writes:
"It's almost a given that EA will continue the "Fight Night" franchise, most likely indefinitely, and with every new game there had better be some improvements. "Round 4? saw a great update to the career mode, but what will "Round 5? hold? After some time with the game, here's what I'm hoping to see next time around.

All in all, for as much as I enjoyed "Fight Night Round 4," I think what it suffered from the most (much like my big issue with "Tiger Woods 10?) was the career mode lacks PERSONALITY. Why EA sports doesn't use their exclusive ESPN license to its full capacity is beyond me, but I can think of a couple of incredible things they can add, to make the next effort that much more amazing.

"Fight Night Round 5? had better have some kind of AMPED UP presentation in all areas of the game, but in the Legacy mode in particular. For example, Make the main hub an ESPN central zone, or maybe have a digital boxing show that talks about titles exchanging hands, up and coming fighters, and retired fighters. It's "next generation," you can do it EA! I want the Pay Per View events' presentation to really stand out from my Friday Night Fights matches. Have cut scenes of George Foreman and Max Kellerman talking at ringside. Give me the tale of the tape (which "UFC" managed to include). Give me ..."

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thats pretty f**king excessive