Kodu Video Tour: Microsoft's DIY Game Builder

Microsoft released its Kodu Game Lab yesterday, giving gamers everywhere the opportunity to create their very own games. Just for you, Joystiq snapped up the tool and set to work creating the Next BIg Thing in video gaming. Well, either that or they created a dinky little 2D shooter. Still, it's hard not to feel some pride after creating a real, honest-to-goodness, functioning game. And they did it all without laying a finger on a standard keyboard.

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cherrypie3486d ago

I'm interested to see where MSR goes with this. It would be *very* good if XNA Programmers could build new methods, objects and actions and release them. Or, if Art Assets could be imported.

With a better back-end, this could be a real LBP killer. The core-mechanics are more flexible, now all that is necessary is to increase the ability to import more content (mostly art).

Kodu is serious fun. I purchased it last night, and spent the afternoon with my young (5) nephew making "his" game.

It had him very very excited.