Team6 Game Studios shows Wii titles

Five new titles heading for Wii is reason enough for a little attention, even though it's pretty sure the Wii versions of these five new titles from Team6 Game Studios won't look as pretty as these PC renders do.

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SpoonyRedMage3394d ago

Wow pretty cool, 5 hardcore Wii games. The screenshots dont' look too shabby either.

Blackbird-ce3394d ago

Look pretty nice indeed, however the screenshots are most likely from the PC versions or renders from a development engine.

SpoonyRedMage3394d ago

Yer it says that in the article but they still look like decent games.

This is shows a good side to the Wii though as this is yet another smaller developer being able to get a whole bunch of games and attention out there.

Smacktard3394d ago

Team6 isn't really known for fantastic hardcore games, you know. And these aren't games that Wii owners will really be screaming to get. Looks like just more games that'll end up in the $19.83 bin at Wal-Mart.

SpoonyRedMage3394d ago

Yes, but it's better than nothing and it's most certainly better than a lot of the crap there. I'd rather have bad hardcore games than terrible casual games(although there IS a lot of good casual games)... you know?

mastiffchild3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Again, though, Spoons what if these emerge as, say one full release which they throw loads into, a couple of Wiiware titles and the rest shipped in similar style but at a later date? Wouldn't that be a pretty decent model for a smaller studio to get their profile raised without neccessarily giving us crap or cornering themselves.

HVS had a pair of Wiiware games pre Conduit didn't they as the first non license stuff they did? The Wiiware games/budget games being smaller are quickler to release, cheaper to make and aren't expected to be of SMG quality plus they could provide cashflow for the one main title also in development. they also give experience to the dev and staff on the hardware.

TBH, I'd have more hope for more of these(and this sort of dev) if I knew they were building sensibly and not just throwing out ideas and games scttershot in the hope something arrives playable. Y'know five good full length and full retail release games is a LOT even for a huge company(if they aren't going to take twelve years anyway!)but if we knew more of what their aims were for each game and their studio we might see more hope here.

As has been said some f this does look great but as renders what does it really mean-we just need more info on their plans, imo. Hope they do well and build with sense as well as passion though.

SinnedNogara3393d ago

Looks pretty good. I'm glad that at least someone knows what they are doing.

Much better than all that crap Disney spews out on a weekly basis.

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GFahim3394d ago

why mainly the racing games man?

Smacktard3394d ago

Cheapest to mass-produce without changing much of the gameplay?

SinnedNogara3393d ago

I found that weird. I hope their tech is used for a FPS game or something like that.

Shnazzyone3393d ago

Man.. that's alot of okay looking racing titles. Really? Noone thinks those graphics can be done on wii? their not all that impressive in my opinion. Whatever that helicopter game sounds alright and I guess glacier 2 sound not too shabby either. Does anyone know if these are retail titles or wiiware? I can't imagine one stuio pumping out this many racing/vehicle titles at the same time unless they are wiiware titles.