Nintendo Buys British TV Show, Can't Advertise Products On-Air

Joystick Divison writes:

"Nintendo has entered into a deal with UK's channel five to sponsor a new TV show called "Britain's Best Brain". From the title of the show, everyone is expecting this to be a platform for them to promote their line of "Brain Age" games for the DS."

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chrisjc3394d ago

Anything to promote Brain Age is a-ok with me!

PirateThom3394d ago

I'm not sure where Joystiq are getting this from, but I'm certain it's not accurate.

markfrost3394d ago

It's been picked up by tons of sources, a quick search should clear up any doubt. :-)

Kurisu3394d ago

"so do your part by praying Nintendo's marketing dept. can come up with a way to sneak product placements into the show (it may be the only entertainment gamers get from it)."

Hahah! This programme will probably cater for the 60+ age range because, let's face it, who watches Channel 5? lol. They even had to rename themselves "Five" to make them seem "cool" :p

smax3173394d ago

the part that says "It's illegal to promote commercial products during a TV broadcast in Britain."

markfrost3394d ago

I think they were trying to say product placements are illegal. Don't know much about the law behind it. Although here in the states, EVERY show has some kind of product placement. Some movies are even built around commercial advertising.

SpoonyRedMage3394d ago

They'll probably do competitions to win a DS and Brain Training in every episode or something.

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