Still no PS3 interest from Valve

Doug Lombardi tells CVG: "Until we have the ability to get a PS3 team together, until we find the people who want to come to Valve or who are at Valve who want to work on that, I don't really see us moving to that platform.

"We've kind of learned a lesson in that again, if we were customers of that product on PlayStation, we'd feel like we sort of got the stepchild version of the product while the guys on the PC and the 360 got the sweet version of it."

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GWAVE4469d ago

Oh well. It's Valve's loss.

Then again, avoiding the PS3 is a good business move on Valve's behalf, because their DLC games wrapped up and sold as $60 titles would look like rejects from EA Wii's cutting room floor compared to the PS3 games already out on the console.

Jockamo4469d ago

keep telling yourself this

Stevie Ray Vaughan4469d ago

Classic comments right here.

Half Life 2: Episode 3 coming Exclusive to Xbox 360 in 2010 or 2011. Confirmed.

StanLee4469d ago

I literally spit up my drink reading that comment. Absolute lunacy. Fanboys are so funny; unintentionally or not.

La Chance4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

Why dont PS3 owners just give up begging Valve ?!

And I thought you were all very familiar with PC gaming, so why all the fuss ?

table4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

come on, who plays half life on the 360/ps3 anyway? Valve games just feel at home on the PC with mouse and keyboard controls. I'm not too bothered because I wouldn't play their games on the ps3 even if they did support it. Orange Box on ps3 was utter crap. I played it on the 360 aswell a while ago aswell, it was ok but you can't beat the PC version.

4469d ago
Raf1k14469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )


That'd be the first bit of info I've heard about HL2:Ep3 in ages. If I remember right, didn't Valve say they'd be releasing an episode around every 18 months or so? (This was way back after the release of HL2 I think)

I'm hoping for it to come sooner rather than later. Been wanting to get my hands on the final episode since the I finished episode 2. Then maybe they can start on HL3 and the second Source engine (if they haven't already).

edit: @ stewgart. you're right about PC thing but wasn't Orange Box on PS3 EA's fault for a crappy port?

@ La Chance. You're making the assumption that every MGS game after rising will also be on 360 which TBH is a pretty large assumption to be making by anyones standards.

edit2: dazzalfc and Greywulf are right in that It's been multi-platform for ages. Plus it's still very possible that there could be another MGS game later that isn't on 360 or even the PS3 like the ones on PSP and iPhone

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dazzalfc4469d ago

MGS has always been a milt-platform title, or did the titles that appeared on Xbox, Gamecube, I-phone, PSP etc etc just pass you by?

Seriously, at least think it through before trying to wind someone up, otherwise you'll just look like a rather stupid pr1ck

Ryudo4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

Waaaahhhh snuff snuff

We don't want Valve games anyway! Honestly am telling the truth!!! I think Valve that have made some of the greatest games in history has no talent!!! Valve is talentless. KillZone 2 Is clearly better then Half Life 2 a Game that got game of year a few years running.

Valve are just big ignorant FANBOYS whine snuff snuff. We ain't interested in there games which eclipse alot PS3 exclusive in sales and quality! Valve are missing out not developing for the PS3 so screw them WHINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

The SDF clearly know better then Valve on making a profit from games and successful formats. I mean LOOK AT VALVE WITH THERE BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY WHAT IDIOTS! They clearly have no clue on how to make a profit in the gaming industry, LOOK AT THEM with there Ferraris and Mansions!!!

If only they wasn't so stupid and developed for the PS3 so they could own there own bloody islands to!!!!! bahHHH!!!!

Man you guys live in a lovely little bubble its funny watching you clearly nearly in tears over this acting like it doesn't matter. BTW Left 4 Dead is an amazing game I bloody love it.

rockleex4469d ago

They don't want to give us a game if its not up to par. If they are truly that scared of the Cell, so be it.

Just look at what happened to the Orange Box. Although it was EA that ported it, with the lack of enthusiasm from Valve towards the PS3, it would have ended up about the same. Then fans would be complaining about all the problems the PS3 version has.

I'd rather NOT get a port if it was shoddy. I save money by not spending it on bad ports, developers don't have to risk losing money on making ports that no one wants.

Of course, this could all be avoided if Valve had any employees who are interested in programming for the Cell architecture. But obviously that's not the case.

TheIneffableBob4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

(Do not read this. I posted in the wrong thread.)

GodGinrai4469d ago

i played half life 2 on 360! i liked it. granted it wont look as good as a high end pc but it looks good on my tv (sony kdl40 D3000). i also preffer control pads to the keyboard/mouse combo. on that note i dont feel like im missing anything by not investing in a fancy card to play it on my [email protected] in my not too comfortable swivel for some minor graphic touches. i dont think any 360 owner who played it on a HDTV will disagree. I also enjoy playing private team fortress matches with my clan. they all love orange box too. you asked who enjoys playing this on console...well i can name just over 30 people!

SuperM4469d ago

So they would ditch the PC version then?

Im sorry but PC is and will likely always be the main platform for valve games. Not only do you have superior control on the PC version, but you get better framerate and graphics aswell.

Im totally fine with valve not developing for the PS3, but if they ever stop developing for the PC (which im sure will never happen) that would piss me off.

table4469d ago

thats fair enough its still a good game when playing it on the 360. But the controls just feel suited to the PC. Not just mouse/keyboard I'm talking about the overall feel of the game, the movement and the aiming. Valve have perfected the controls on PC shooters. Half Life 2 just doesn't feel right on consoles. And you don't need a high end PC to appreciate this game.

hermie4469d ago

Good lord man what brought about this outburst? I don't see anyone here whining to the degree at which you are suggesting.

Traveler4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

Valve make some of the best games around, but they are first and foremost PC games. I don't prefer to play PC games on the consoles. Those games play much better and look much better on the PC. I play consoles for the exclusives unique to the consoles, not to play watered down PC games.

That said, PS3 gamers that don't own a gaming PC are being shafted by Valve and that's too bad. Valve should want to get their games out to as many people as they can. Ignoring the PS3 will only hurt them in the long run.

Thugbot1874469d ago

At least they are real about it, they only have the skill and desire to code for the PC or simpler platforms. It's not a big deal when certain developers say they will only code for the PS3 or the Wii so why is it a problem here???

JBaby3434469d ago

I have orange box and have played the games on it and I don't see what PS3 fans are supposedly missing. I can't find a game made by valve that I want or like. Maybe Half-Life was cool when it first came out but I was very honestly not impressed. Portal is better but still not really to my liking. Let me know when they start making something worth having.

njr4469d ago

These guys won't develop for anything that's not similar to a PC, and that's all they should say instead of spewing this anti-PS3 bull around everywhere.

theEnemy4468d ago

without Valve.

Hell we've had an awesome 2 years.

Do you really think it's a loss for us ?

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Keith Olbermann4469d ago

Most ps3 owners dont care. I get my valve games on steam. they are always more superior on the pc anyway.

Black Maverick4469d ago

I wouldn't say that PS3 owners don't care. It's just that they are so many other great games coming out on the PS3, why worry about the few that aren't? It does suck that Valve won't make games for the PS3, but they're comfortable with the 360 and PC since they're so similar and I don't have a problem with that. Just don't pretend that after 3 years of the system being on the market, you didn't have the "ability" to put together a team to make games for it. Just say "We develop exclusively for the PC and Xbox 360" and move on from the PR bullsh*t.

Sangria4469d ago

Sadly not everyone has a PC that can handle any recent game. Mine can't even run Audiosurf in full screen, i can't put anti-aliasing on Painkiller and can't play Team Fortress 2 until i upgrade my graphic card.

Some players bought a PS3 or a 360 because you don't have to upgrade your console constantly, you pay one time for the console and that's all. So yes, there are PS3 owners that would like to play PC games just because they can't afford to have a gamer computer.

In my case, i own both PS3 and 360 so i don't really care about Left4Dead case, but i know many PS3 players would love to get it, but maybe not as much players as on 360 (see the sales differences between Fallout 3 and The Orange Box on both platform).

mrblacknut4469d ago

I love the
"I get my games on PC"
Yet Microsoft still wins.

As if you are causing the company any headaches not getting the console version of any game MS is still smiling to the bank for all you but it ain't exclusive because it is on PC fanboys.

Raf1k14469d ago

you misquoted.

I think you meant 'I get my valve games on steam'.

Plus you're going on the assumption that he was trying to "diss" MS somehow even though as far as I can see, there's nothing in his comment that would suggest that.

He did make a statement about most PS3 owners in general not caring but then he went on to talk about himself.

table4469d ago

Nobody in the right mind cares which company the money is going if its a good game. When ps3 fanboys say that they ae just taking a shot at the 360. Regardless, the PC version is always the superior so I think people should be allowed to say it without getting attacked in the comments for games like Alan Wake for example.

TheIneffableBob4469d ago

Many people pirate their operating system so no, Microsoft does not win.

rockleex4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

Its not about avoiding Microsoft.

Its about avoiding bad hardware such as the 360. Its also about avoiding bad business models such as Xbox Live Gold.

Think about it, I can play COD4 online for free on PC and PS3. Why should I have to pay for Gold to play it online on the 360? Just for cross game chat? Not worth it in MY opinion... and many others.

Its also not about which system is "better" than the other. Its actually about which system fits MY preferences better.

But I guess there's no point to speak logically to a fanboy.

poet2154469d ago

forget valve and forget their First Person Shooters. That genre is killing games as a whole.

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Nelson M4469d ago

Hey Gabe you Fat Barney Gumble Looking Creep
Shove it up your Ass Fatty

2FootYard4469d ago

Do you speak on behalf of all PS3 owners?

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

Maybe they should put the PS3 in a BIG PIE and show it
to Gabe'Jabba the Hutt'Newell!!! ;-D

user39158004469d ago

Sorry, but Valve, Activision, EA and many other main developers are saying the same thing the PS3 is sh1t. I have no regrets in selling my BBQ Grill after holding on for good games to come out and 360 has giving me all the pleasure that a great gamer should have, and therefore to hell with sony over-rated garbage.

Only the best entertainment its played on the 360, all the mediocre titles belongs to the wii and PS3.

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sunil4469d ago

Valve finally accepts that they do not have the knowhow / technology to get to work on the PS3 / PS2.

The reason they work on the 360 is because its working is similar to that of the PC (not a bad thing at all)

mrblacknut4469d ago

It isn't the capability of working on the machine. It is the cost in money and manpower to get a PS3 version running whether you are leading or porting to the console. Has nothing to do with talent. More to do with do we want to take the "chance" to invest in a product that may not give us a return investment. Look at previous games sold on the console day and date or a year later (Bioshock says hello)

Raf1k14469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

I agree about the cost but capability does have something to do with it.

Afterall, a dev who is able to create good games on PS3 will more than likely sell more (therefore see a larger return) on the PS3 than someone who is incapable of creating a good game but still goes ahead with the project anyway.

Edit: Bioshock is a good example of why developers intending on releasing games on multiple platforms should do so simultaniously and not seperate them by a year. I know timed exclusivity tends to be the cause of this but devs should take into consideration that there is likely to be less interest on another platform a year later.

ian724469d ago

I'm not that bothered they aren't making anything for PS3. I'll just buy the game (if any good) on PC.