The New Multiplayer XBL Hotness: Rocket Racing

Halfbrick Studios is going to melt your face off with this multiplayer, Asteroids-inspired racer, all for only 200 Microsoft space-bucks.

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EvilCackle4105d ago

200 MS Points? I didn't realize they sold games for that little.

hombrehambre4105d ago

It's an XBL "Indie" game (formerly Community Games), and this is the first one that I've gotten excited for pre-release. Looks like it'd be a blast in multiplayer.

RKRigney4105d ago

Yeah that price is awesome for a racing game with 40 maps. Hopefully enough people will buy it to recoup (and hopefully surpass) the development costs.

locos854105d ago

What the hell is that in dollars? $2.50 is pretty good deal. game looks fun.

SRU96004105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

This game looks like it was heavily influenced by the old Super Sprint game (a game I loved as a kid).

The "floaty" controls look like they could really grate on my nerves in short order, though.

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hombrehambre4105d ago

This game deserves attention... I hope it sells well. I like supporting little development teams with good ideas

RKRigney4105d ago

Same here. There's actually a couple handfuls of great stuff on Community/Indie games

barleymark4105d ago

I'd love to play it in multiplayer!

RKRigney4105d ago

Yeah it looks like it'd be almost as fun as Geometry Wars 2 in local 4-person multiplayer. I'll be getting this day one

cain1414105d ago

What is 200 Points in real money again?

RKRigney4105d ago

2.50, I believe. The conversion rate is 100MS Points = 1.25 Dollars

cain1414105d ago

why can't 100 points be a $...

maniacmayhem4105d ago

XBL has a lot of great games, good to see more coming our way.

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