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GameShark writes: "First off, the control scheme is brilliant. Every aspect of the controls is customizable from the size of the bounding box to the cursor sensitivity to how quickly you turn around. Best of all, the tweaking is done in game so that you can get immediate feedback on your changes and then alter things accordingly. My only real complaint about the customization options is that it may be too detailed, especially for those not used to playing shooters. Had a few templates shipped with the game it would have saved some time in the menus. Still though, it's a minor complaint and once you get your controls dialed in, you won't touch them again."

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EvilTwin3396d ago

Another solid Conduit review, another empty comment section.

ChickeyCantor3396d ago

noticed it too?
Pathetic isn't it.

Lets fill in the section for them.


heroicjanitor3396d ago

Why are you talking about the comments? Usually when it gets a bad score it's full of wii fanboys shouting about how biased the reviewer is, which in turn seems to make people provoke/annoy them with bad comments.

BattleAxe3396d ago

Is this site still even active?

poopsack3395d ago

yeah really we only see the comments of bad reviews full of comments cause its wii gamers screaming BIASED! OMG WHY NOT TEH KILLZONE AND HALO GET TEH BAD SCORE!

ChickeyCantor3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )


" which in turn seems to make people provoke/annoy them with bad comments."

I suggest you look up those comment sections.

Most Conduit owners are freaking happy with a 7 or above, there have only been 2 or 3 below 7 posted here on N4G.
Don't fool yourself, when its a bad score, the comment section is full of how much the game is a flop.

And lets not bring Gamepro's review into this, no one seem to care about the rating with that one, just the false information that was given with in the review.

Right, the people who like the game have been very easy going with the reviews with few exceptions.
This is pretty pathetic, cause its usually the Ps3 or 360 fans who pretty much die when their beloved movie-game is getting a 0.1 point on the rating too low.

Now i have been playing MGS2 for 12 hours Straight ( i started at 00:00 am and stopt at 12:00 pm) I have had enough of Raiden for today my hands hurt. A bit grumpy....seriously playing that long makes you freaking...ill.
I suggest no one does it ...>_> wonder people die after 2 days of straight gaming.

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SpoonyRedMage3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

This game is a flop, people who haven't played it yet told me so!

ChickeyCantor3396d ago

Its a flop alright LOLOLOLOLOLOL
( and keep it going i expect at least 20 comments tops)

SpoonyRedMage3396d ago

Yup, it's floptastic. I don't like the controls, they're too sensitive and the deadzone's too big and I don't like how you to move the Wiimote to melee attack. The HUD placement is all wrong as well and what's with the graphics? It's not even half as good as Crysis running on max settings!

ChickeyCantor3396d ago

Yeah Wii-mote doens't really work without motion plus, therefore all FPS games suck on the Wii.

PS360WII3396d ago

aww you guys trying to fill up the comment section with hate :(

Why not joyousness and puppy dog tails ^.-

Pretty good score and decent game and good addition to the Wii library.

oh yeah and suxors they'll be happy if they get 2 sales off it 0.o

Gr813396d ago

a Solid B. Or 8.5. Multiplayer is just so much fun! I've battled against and together with Product and Scissor and just had a blast! Some guys on there really mean business too, I might invest in a Wii Speak just for this game (along with Grinder whenever that hits)

But yeah anyone else who has the game or plans on getting the game, PM me the code so we can snipe some chumps! Or like me and Product did one night, Shot Gun straight in the face and a punch afterwards for good measure! LoL.

EvilTwin3396d ago

Same here. 8.5 seems about right. It's not AAA (some people hyped it as such, but I never bought that), but it's pretty solid.

And this game is now the standard for FPS control; nothing controls better on any console this gen. You'd think that would matter to more "hardcore" reviewers. If Crysis was lauded for visuals, Conduit should get more credit for this "everything but the kitchen sink" control scheme.

I'm still getting some practice in on single player. I hadn't played much FPS since Prime 3 and Bioshock, and neither one of those are exactly frag fests. When I get back up to speed, I'll put in some serious online time.

Gr813396d ago

For me Prime 3 is just incredible. Retro really showed what they are capable of. I am looking forward to their next project. And your right, the "hardcore" really show their true colors. The Control scheme in this game is unparalleled for consoles..really ever, besting even Prime 3.

Graphics are inconsistent though, but there are times where you really see what the quantom 3 engine can do though. I'm proud of HVS though, not bad for their first title on the Wii.

Once you get your skills up to snuff give us your FC, we'll have a blast. I know Scissor and Product are down, and also Scissor has said Phantomx is really good as well.

BengaliGangsta3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

solid review!!

this game is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkk !!!!

(just helping to fill up the comment section ;])

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