Games Are Evil Review: Virtua Tennis 2009

TylerGrE says, "I have never been so frightened in my life. Forget Resident Evil 5, forget PS3 update load times, HOME bubble dancers or broken Fallout updates…Virtua Tennis 2009 is hands down the most disturbing game experience of the last year. Picture, if you will, the serene intensity of real world Tennis. Now throw in a cancerous loop of guitar rock and drums, mind-numbing mini-games, player models that look like they're from an Anne Leaky exhibition, a excruciatingly long career mode, and the control responsiveness of a Mack Truck and you have Virtua Tennis 2009."

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CrAppleton3396d ago

This game sounds pretty bad, but I didn't do that bad in other review scores.

roblef3396d ago

The review sounds pretty well backed up, though. Maybe Tennis fans shouldn't play it?

bgrundman3396d ago

I liked all of the old Virtua Tennis games... what is not to like about more of the same?

roblef3396d ago

were they all wooden, flat affairs with zombies for characters? lol

roblef3396d ago

The images are hilarious. I dig 'em.

wondroushippo3396d ago

Also, his author pic is from Hank from Venture Bros - this man has good taste.

wondroushippo3396d ago

I will never look at Roger Federer the same.

And man, what happened with this one? I thought the Virtua Tennis series was supposed to be good!