Virtua Tennis 4 Announced For PS3 with Move and 3D Compatibility

SEGA of America, Inc. and SEGA Europe Ltd. are thrilled to announce that the critically acclaimed Virtua Tennis series is in development for PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, featuring full PlayStation Move compatibility and 3D technology. Developed in Japan by the original Virtua Tennis Team, Virtua Tennis 4, releasing in 2011, promises a more immersive, true to life tennis experience than ever before.

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saint_john_paul_ii4677d ago

this will make tennis games fun and better.

Why o why4677d ago

its obvious which is the least likely but who knows...devs can do some incredible sh!t when they push hard

D4RkNIKON4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

I LOVED Virtua Tennis for Dreamcast and PSP. This is a for sure WIN! Sony is F*cking BRINGING IT TODAY!!! I smell doubles with 4 players!

badz1494677d ago

is this exclusive? or just an announcement for MOVE support? but either way, great! I love VT and I'm also gonna buy MOVE. go figure!

TheTeam064677d ago

So. Many. Move. Compatible. Games.

scruffy_bear4677d ago

Day onefor me thanks Sega & Sony get day to be a gamer. Now TGS

AbyssGravelord4677d ago

Sony is fucking burning it up today!

IneedWeed4677d ago

Yeah I was surprised also with what Sony is bringing at GamesCon. Only if M$ could show the same type of support. PS Move is going to be a day one buy for me.

A Cupcake for Gabe4677d ago

I would definitely like to try this out with Move and in 3D on a huge 3D HDtv.

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