Tip: Use a PS3 controller in 64 bit Windows Vista and 7

HCW wrote a guide on getting the PS3 controller to work in Vista while back, but that software was limited to 32-bit versions, and only offered basic functionality.

This new guide explains how to get full control of the Playstation 3 controller in all versions of Windows - including 32-bit and 64-bit, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

The illustrated guide will take you through all the steps, and in the end you will get a fully functional PS3 controller in any version of Windows you want - including Bluetooth connectivity, SixAxis control, and DualShock support.

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Real Gambler3489d ago

And sure enough, thanks to those guys for those drivers.

4pocalyps33489d ago

i have been trying to find drivers to work my ps3 controller on windows 7. i can't find a damn thing. i have tried everything and nothing even works >.< takes the piss when i've gotten used to fps games with my ps3 joypad and i got a coupla games i'm itching to play. i'll read the article and see if it helps me xD