Cannon Fodder creator concerned about lack of innovation

In his recent interview with The Dark Side, Jon Hare the creative genius behind Cannon Fodder and Sensible soccer says we need more innovation in game software.

"The problem I have with the Wii for example, and I've done two Wii games in the last couple of years, it's like a novelty. It might be fun to play the Wii and to do bowling with your grandma at Christmas. It's not something that can have the same level of intense play as World of Warcraft or Championship Manager, or something that you sit down to play in a comfortable environment for six hours at a time..."

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DirtyRat4536d ago

He's a legend! I agree with his comments about the Wii etc. I'm hoping Project Natal doesn't end up with the same party game claptrap.

DarthMorbus4536d ago

It was a good interview with some interesting information revealed. Just need somebody to pay him for SDR now.

DarthMorbus4536d ago

Well it is one of the most famous games that never happened.

Cajun Chicken4536d ago

War; Never been so much fun.

DirtyRat4535d ago

Definitely, Cannon Fodder was a great game.

DarthMorbus4535d ago

Shame Codies cancelled the third. Would have been interesting to see it in 3D.

DirtyRat4536d ago

The Amiga did have some purpose after all!