Sony chief hails PS3's success in Europe

Sir Howard said Sony was close to selling 800,000 units in Europe. "I think [in] the first two days in the UK, £100m ($199m) revenue changed hands and that's probably the largest consumer electronics sale in history."

"In the March quarter of 2008, Sony will start making money on the console," said Yuji Fujimori, analyst at Goldman Sachs. "In the longer term, I see the PS3's market share at 50 per cent within three years. In the shorter term, I see it at below 30 per cent."

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TheGoodMART4205d ago

and it is also the most expensive console in history

nix4205d ago

"Japan = backyarden Playstation
USA/North America = backyarden XBOX

in USA, latest known monthly sales numbers from February show 240k 360 units sold against 130k PS3 units sold.

In Japan, these sales are alarming. The XBOX has never been doing well there, so that's no surprise. Still about 3k compared to 14k of the PS3 that's still over 20% of the PS3 sales. The PS3 sales compared to the Wii and what Sony wanted to sell in their own country is pathetic.

After the fanboys bought the 600 euro BluRay player in Europe, the number is also falling.

PS3 doing bad in all three area's. Where the 360 is doing great in USA, will be doing fine in Europe and only Japan is a bad region for them.

Conclusion, like I've said even before the launch of PS3 and Wii.

Wii will kick the PS3 in Japan.
Wii is doing fine in the rest of the world, but sales will slow down after the hype of the controller is over and people see there isn't so much great content.

360 will be nr.1 in the rest of the world."


p.s. - your twin brother has more bubbles than you! he he he... the world is coming to an end! the world is coming to an end! q:

Lebauski4204d ago

Good advice for the next time you open a new account:

Try using different words or at least different arguements (I personally doubt that you got other arguements).

btw... must be hard not to use your old avatar, isn't it?

nix4204d ago

i was mocking the original mart! you didn't get the point, i guess!

Lebauski4204d ago

didn't see the quotation-marks ... guess I got "TheMart-Paranoia" ;-)

techie4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

Btw the ps3 is NOT the most expensive console in history lol. It's actually about 10th most expensive console ever. Get your facts straight and look on mon diagram

TheMART4204d ago

@ Lebauski

I can assure you that's not me ;-)

Never had more then one account.

Nix indeed. Thanks for quoting me. I am getting famous overhere I see.
Sales dropped after the fanboys bought it @ launch. First month doesn't say anything... Wait and see. Japan, USA, both fell in sales so damn hard. Europe will be no different to that.

nix4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

Mart you are too funny dude... q:

even after i 'quoted' you.. you go ahead and repeat the same damn thing... LOL!

and as for the "you being famous"... well the bull wearing a green shades sees everything green... time to take out those shades mate! q:

The great 14204d ago

You better hope PS3 price doesn't drop because it will curse the 360 in a big way!

The great 14204d ago

You better hope Ps3 price doesn't drop, because it will be a curse on your presious 360!

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BIadestarX4205d ago

congrats to Sony... Now lets hope they continue to sell that much and the following months dont show massive drops in sells.

SmokeyMcBear4205d ago

wow 800,000 in a month, thats pretty nice, so almost halfway to the sales total of the 360 in 2006, and there is 7 more months to go in the year, with christmas sales... and the release of LAIR, Heavenly Sword, Little big planet, Home, MGS4, GTAIV, looking good sony, looking good.

BIadestarX4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

That's not a fair comparison, considering the fact that the 360 sold more than 1 Million console only in the US for the month of december. You may say... well that's unfair since all consoles sell great in december... true.. but another person can argue that people being waiting for the PS3 in europe for more than 1 year and had pre-orders for ever or that many hold their december purchase until the PS3 release date.

Bottom line is the PS3 sold well and leave it as that.. no need to bring the 360 into this since it will just start a flamewar. The first month is never a sign of success or failure for many reasons such as pre-orders, fans waiting on the console, shortages, etc. We will have to see if the PS3 is a success once 1) It can be found at any store, 2) Fanboys already got theirs, 3) The 360 continue to have high number over a period of at least 3-4 months.

SmokeyMcBear4204d ago

well im just wondering how one compares a success or a failure, one has to judge against the competition in order to see where it is at. And lo and behold, the 360 is the nearest competition (price point, features, and the like). Yeah I guess there is no need to bring the 360 into this thread, its good for comparisons, since the fanboy fodder always referrs to.. ahh this is just launch, sales will go down, 82% plummit.. ra ra ra ( not insinuating you of course, but other members of this forum, just beating them to the punch so to say) Considering 2006 was a good year for the 360, (the release of GeOW, Oblivion, and the other numerous titles the people have been shouting about, the no compettion for 3/4 of the year), its really the only thing to compare the ps3 sales to, since the wii and ps2 are obviously kicking everyones ass. So yes, I should have left out the 360, but it is nice to see where that actual number 800,000 lies in the overall scheme of things.

Vojkan4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

that is expected. IS there anyone that expect Sony to sell every single month 800K units in Eu? I mean thats ridiculous. Now fanboys will waith for sales to drop(which is normal) to start whining how Sony is doing bad.
For Sony its just matter of time. When Sony realeses new PS3 with just larger HD and 60GB becames 20GB in matter of price(meaning 100$ cut price on 60GB) its going to sales will go up.

ALso Sony shipped just 1 million units in EU so ther will be shortage.

Nervsys4204d ago

There are no shortages here. Just stores trying desperately to flog them by sticking signs up outside such as the "Be part of the biggest launch in history!" sign outside my local HMV.

masterg4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

This is really a lesson for Sony.
Europe and Japan should have been the first to get the PS3. Europe is really PS3 friendly compared to the US.
Maybe its because we have more money than the average American consumer.

Shadow Flare4204d ago

i still can't believe how americans are having a hissy-fit over the $600 price-tag. That's £300. We had to pay £425. £300 is nothing compared. They really must be poorer than europeans; no offence

BIadestarX4204d ago

Americans? The PS3 is selling better in the US than in Japan. You haven this the Japanese charts? Numbers are going down in Japan too.
Don't blame americans. The only thing is that the 360 is selling better in the US but that has nothing to do with people not wanting to buy the PS3.

SmokeyMcBear4204d ago

ah bladestar, I just want to point out that there was no need to state anything about the 360, and yes I did start it, but this post, and the subsequent reply had nothing to do with the particular console, just stating price points in the USA and Europe, yet you had to put in your 2 cents about how the 360 is selling in the states. Practice what you preach, or stop preaching to others. Hypocrisy is a bad thing.

masterg4204d ago


The reason I say Japan is because Sony is Japanese so off cause they have to be first in line.

Europe compared to the US.
US: 4 months to sell 1 million
Europe: Probably under 1 month to sell a million.

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