Damnation Developers Laid Off

Several former employees at Blue Omega, developers behind the recent Damnation, have confirmed with Kotaku today that the entire dev team has been laid off following "issues" with Codemasters, Damnation's publishers.


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RememberThe3573548d ago

Is this really a bad thing? I mean I don't want to see any more people loss their jobs but... You what this does suck....

Sheikh Yerbouti3548d ago

I followed this because I liked the steampunk and the character models - hats more than boobs. I dropped it when it kept being delayed and I saw the lead producer was some 20-something wannabe.

Bnet3433548d ago

I feel for these people. Being laid off is no joke.

Blaze9293548d ago

sucks to see people loosing jobs in this economy and more yet loosing a job in a field they enjoy. Sure to us the game may have sucked but until any of us make a better game we can't really talk. To them, maybe the game was fantas.....ok the game seriously sucked -_-; just remember how frustrated I got while playing it.

dragunrising3548d ago

I feel sorry for the devs. Damnation might be a bad game but people tend to forget what goes into making a game: money. Limited budgets are usually the culprit for bad games, not the game makers. Publishers will poor millions of dollars/euros/yen, etc into a game if its a recognizable IP. Damnation however was anything but recognizable. This means fewer resources and less polish. Perhaps the game design was wrong (Victorian Steampunk in the Wild West?), but it was clear that the game was rushed an unoptimized. The best part of the game arguably were the platforming elements and inspired artwork. I really wanted to like Damnation...too bad the game play couldn't match the excitement of the previews :-(

HarukoHex3548d ago

Southpeak, doesn't have a limited buget yet every game sucks T_T

Syronicus3548d ago

Then they looked as though they were trying too hard with the slutty look of the chick in the game and after that it all went down hill from there. Try making a game that takes itself seriously and the devs might have had better luck.

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-MD-3548d ago

Make a better game next time.

Polluted3548d ago

They can only really make it as well as their bosses allow them too. If the management didn't hire enough people to do the project, if they allocated too much money to one department, but not enough to another, if they imposed ridiculous deadlines on their staff or if they forced their team to work with sub-par technology for financial or legal reasons, then it's perfectly possible that a great team could make a terrible game.

Those are only a few examples of things that could have gone wrong that are totally out of the dev. team's control.

Elven63548d ago, no one in their right mind sets out to make a bad game. Things happen in the development process that cause such a game to be made.

dogmeat eater3548d ago

What do you expect when you half @ss things? Your going to get your sh!t canned.

Gamer_Politics3548d ago

this is what happens when devs make bad games..

-MD-3548d ago

Why do people with the same posts get a different number of agrees/disagrees?

Makes no sense.

SprSynJn3548d ago

Pretty sure it is just you, since most of the time I see you on here you are trying to start an argument. Could be my imagination though.

-MD-3548d ago

Sweet I'm popular.

Well if people love me enough to disagree with a comment they agree with I must be doing something right.

Syronicus3548d ago

The fist being a positive one where folks like to track you and agree with stuff you say because you have a like-minded ness and are genuinely kind. The second is the type where folks track you for the sole purpose of taking your bubbles away whenever they can and hitting the disagree button just for the sake of spite. It's a popularity that most sensible people do not want following them... It's also the popularity that you have gained with your troll like posts and flame bait comments.

Your reputation precedes you here and for that, you get more disagrees than the average user and no, it's not a good thing to have following you.

-MD-3548d ago

Nothing I say is worse then what the PS3 fanboys say. They are literally in every article saying something bad about 360.

If this site was a 360 fanboy hangout I would be getting agrees instead of disagrees so whenever I get a disagree I just assume it's some butthurt fan.

Syronicus3548d ago

Just because the PS3 fanboys do it, does that make it right to do it as well? Two wrongs = a right? The way I see it is if we all just discuss more maturely and more adult like we will eventually discourage fanboys from speaking as they do now. Doing what they do makes you one of them and personally speaking, being one of them is not a good idea.

RustInPeace3548d ago

You, my friend, are just bias. All you do is spout trash talk about PS3 and that's it. I never even read anything by you that even talks about the 360. That may be because I don't track people and read every post they ever made, but any time I read something on either a multiplatform game or just a shoddy PS3 game, there you are... If you're gonna trash talk about PS3 and the people who are disagreeing with you, why not take into consideration that, maybe, it's you!

rockleex3548d ago

So you WANT this site to be a 360 fanboy hangout?

I thought people would hope for ALL fanboys to go away.

No wonder why you post a lot of fanboy drivel.

-MD-3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I don't remember saying I wanted that actually... weird though.

I actually say good things all the time about the PS3 and if you would so kindly notice the only time I talk bad about a console I own is when I'm replying to someone trash talking the 360.

I don't start troll discussions I just reply to the already existing trolls.

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