Analyst: Hardware Pricing, Possible Starcraft II Delay Could 'Compromise' Activision's Holiday

Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey says that despite the promise of holiday success for games like DJ Hero and Tony Hawk: Ride, Activision's year end could see some snags -- chief among them the increasing likelihood that Starcraft II won't make this calendar year.

Although Blizzard's not yet pinned a specific release date for the game, it's maintained a 2009 window. But Starcraft II lead designer recently told consumer weblog Kotaku that the team plans to have a beta that will last "four to six months," leading Hickey to conclude: "We find it increasingly probably that the game will be released in [Activision's] fiscal '10 period."

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Raf1k13399d ago

it seems Blizzard isn't being pushed by Activision to meet any deadlines which is good

crck3399d ago

Might happened but this is the same idiot who said Sony was planning to remove the blu-ray drive out of the PS3. It's amazing that websites are still quoting him. In fact its surprising he still has a job.

mistajeff3399d ago

You know what'd be funny? If Sony cut the PS3 price the week after COD6 came out. *chuckles*