qface645207d ago

im weak Dx
i just couldn't resist clicking on this

KingKionic 5207d ago

I was waiting for someone to comment before me.


But any whoo...Gta 4...haha

Serjikal_Strike5207d ago

Ok well now going back to watch for the last time...lol ;)

Tony P5207d ago

Despite all of the well rendered t&a I've seen in gaming today, my most memorable instance of gaming nudity is sadly finding out nude Raiden could still cartwheel. *gag*

Megatron085207d ago

best part of the video "F*ck you nightline" to funny

Mo0eY5207d ago

Where's the NSFW version? It's relevant to my internets.

Carl14125206d ago

I somehow knew Raiden would be at number 1

On another note, i want BMX XXX. I don't care that i hate BMX

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xino5207d ago

lol...at the God Of War part with the half breast covered and the other half uncovered...I mean WTF!???

I heard about the BMX XXX, I didn't even know it was real girls they used.
The girls are dead!???O_o

Never heard of it till now! O_O

Ok..who's ready to w*nk?

Dead_Cell5207d ago

Pretty accurate and fitting to be honest,Most people think they throw in things like that for the "nerdy gamers" but if you actually look at how Ancient Greece was,they didn't have the same apprehensive attitude towards nudity compared to alot of the modern world today.
The first Olympics were done completely nude,for example.

xxBATTLECATxx5207d ago

i once saw a porn called jewel raider. same premise.

OtherWhiteMeat5207d ago

After watching this video 3 or 4 times I realized how perverted YOU people really are.

TheHater5207d ago

You are the one that watch the video 3-4 times

OtherWhiteMeat5207d ago

yes, but I watched it for the ads.

TheHater5207d ago

what ads? I did not see any ads

TheBand1t5207d ago

That wooshing sound is the joke going over your head, Hater.

OtherWhiteMeat5207d ago

There aren't any ads??? I'll take another couple of looks.You know,just to be sure.

ZombieNinjaPanda5207d ago

I think we need a bubbles party here.

Here I'll start XD

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