Square Enix Gets New North American CEO

Final Fantasy house Square Enix has announced significant moves at the top of the management chain, with Euro head John Yamamoto assuming North American CEO responsibilities from Square Enix top dog Yoichi Wada.

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antonius054263d ago

That would be awesome to play Square's Epic games on Xbox 360.

Leo Atrox4263d ago

... Most Japanese companies don't let their regional subsidiaries make any of these types of decisions. The new CEO may give his input; but he's not in a position to make decisions about what platforms games will be developed for.

Remember, the company is Japanese. The biggest fanbase for the FF franchise is in Japan as well (though the US does have a considerable FF fanbase). So they're going to make the platform decision based on the Japanese market; not the US market.

decapitator4263d ago

why do i get the feeling we will be seeing final fantasy x360 ?

BIadestarX4263d ago

Hopefully they fired all the anti-xbox + Sony fanboys.

BubblesDAVERAGE4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

Why did the other one leave ? Also Multi-Platform Rpgs are usually bad ....

antonius054263d ago

How would multiplatform bad for RPGs?

Theo11304263d ago

What do you call Oblivion

Says you4263d ago

Why would Square Enixe put Final Fantasy XIII on a crapy console that always breaksdown 2 months and 2 weeks. and it doesnt mean that there going to have a new CEO that is american it doesnt mean hes going to like the XBox 360 and make it multiplatform nice_cuppa antonius05 -.

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