Images of 3D Ultra Minigolf

Microsoft announced a few hours ago that this week we would get not one but two XBLA releases: The classic Gyruss from Konami for 400 points, and 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures from Sierra. has posted the first images of 3D Ultra Minigolf.

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Extra Guy4259d ago

Looks fun, not to mention 400 points is a good price. I like the style that they are going with.

Lygre4259d ago

800 MS points. And Gyruss will be 400 MS points. But I think that the minigolf game will be worth those 800 points since it has 4 player multiplayer on Xbox Live.

Extra Guy4259d ago

Dang misread the paragraph, thanks for pointing it out. Still a good purchase if it's up to scratch.