F.E.A.R. 'XB360/PS3 Comparison'

A split-screen comparison of F.E.A.R. on the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3

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Torch4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

If this video is truly genuine, I have a really, really hard time understanding all that hyped-up non-sense that the game was poorly ported to the PS3.

With the exception of some brightness/contrast differences, the games are damn-near identical. At least from what I can tell in this video.

Once extremely pumped for this game, all the bad wrap about the PS3 version actually discouraged me from wanting to picking it up...Looks like I'm gonna have to reconsider my decision and add it to my library after all.

Serves me right for not relying on my own judgement instead of others'; I should know better.

techie4299d ago

torchy is a saint. They don't seem to be struggling that much...once they get the hang of it multiplatform games should be very comparable.

dantesparda4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

The PS3 version has better Anti-aliasing but a choppier framerate (which is probably being caused by the higher AA quality). While the 360 version has a less rough spots (framerate).

@GaMr: Damn GaMr, that's the best a$$ yet

ERommel4293d ago

I find the whole argument about the graphic capabilities of both systems interesting, but yet a little misguided. The war on graphics is not really about the x360 and the ps3 it should be about nVidia and ATI. Last gen the Ps2 had a graphics card that was made by Sony. To compare how Sony did against nVidia and the xbox was a good argument, but now both have graphics card made by third parties. I have used both boards in my PC along the way. I have found (at least I.M.O.) ATI cards are better. The only flaw of ATI cards is the drivers. Since no drivers in consoles its no surprise to me the x360 is better at graphics. Finally, wasn't the ps3 supposed to support dual monitors in HD. If it can't do one well how could it do two. I have both systems and I actually play PS3 more than x360. I just think people should understand what I feel the real graphics argument should be which is nVidia vs. ATI and not x360 vs. PS3.

GaMr-4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

Well again. Before all the fanboys attack it and start thier ramblings about...PS3 has limitations and Xbox360 has super intelligent embbedded GPU and why do I need a PS3 and Xbox360 wins again etc. etc.... Let me be the first to say it. No thier is not 2 hundred dollars worth of difference here. No their is no reason to re purchase this on PS3 unless you have never played. Stop judgin the PS3 on ports. You will not see a $200 difference through a ported game anytime soon. If comparisons like this one are going to be your determining factor on wether you should throw down on a PS3 or not. Well let me save you 600 dollars. Based of these and a few other ports. Thier is no reason on Gods Green earth to buy a PS3 if you have a 360. But if you wanna talk exclusives. Thats a whole different Story all together.

" I know I just took the wind out of atleast 4 regulars that come to mind".

NaAsAr4299d ago

dam gamr, its hard to concentrate with that avator in my face...LOL

consolewar4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

you are already a Fanboy with the news you post, posting more of your SDF propaganda will only makes this "self esteem-war" worse.

edit: then again without you and Deepbrown the Mart & co are nothing. Sr you complement The Mart existence completely. Without you this universe would be so boring.

specialguest4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

I have this booty fetish and your avatar is always distracting at work. hahahah By the way, was your first avatar on an image of a big booty chick having sex with a guy? the view was from the back of course.

Omicronn4299d ago

Gamr is a fanboy... Of is avatar like the rest of us becoming bigtime fans of that keyra pic or whoever it is hehe. Thats a heck of eye catching avatar lol

Covenant4299d ago

He's right. Exclusives are probably going to be the best measure of a system's true capabilities. Look at Gears of War, for example. Great gameplay, and a visual treat that is easily on of the best looking games ever, for any system or PC.

That said, I think the best is yet to come for the 360, and for the PS3. We'll see it when games like Halo 3, Alan Wake, and BioShock hit the 360. We'll also see what the PS3 is capable of when FFXIII, Heavenly Sword, and Gran Turismo 5 are released.

I watched the video. Small (but noticeable) differences between the two, mostly in terms of color/lighting. Negligible, to be honest. Just enjoy the game.

Why o why4299d ago

avitar, mooving. its late but i appreciate that $hi+. oh yeah ports are always gunna be ports as a ps3 owner im not concerned with these things for now. Whoopi for the dvd muncher

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Boink4299d ago

horrible video, the whole game video was pretty much too dark to bother watching

Torch4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

...It looks great to me.

If you prefer, you can view larger version: Click the source link and to the right of the video box, you'll have an option to view or download the higher-res versions (in mov or wmv formats).

I would have added the notice to the story body, but didn't see the higher-resolution links till now (after the story became approved.)

power of Green 4299d ago

I don't use ports to come to the conclusion PS3 is not as capable as Sony wpuld have you believe, i think this is a repeat of last generation when it come to hardware claims. Xbox1 was powerful and proved it from day one.

ER1X4299d ago

But that's just me. =/

Not interested in this game at all after that video.