Blast Factor Trophies Now Live

Sony's PSN shooter Blast Factor has finally got a Trophy Patch in Europe - start up the game and you'll be prompted to update the title to 2.01, and there you go - Trophies!

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kharma454366d ago

About time we in Europe got this patch! We've had to wait long enough for it, but it's nice to see it's finally here.

It'll give me a reason to go back to Blast Factor as it was a quality game, and with this update it might entice some new buyers to it.

PirateThom4366d ago

I'm still waiting for the Last Guy patch.

Cajun Chicken4366d ago

Neat. I really like Blast Factor, very underrated.

thereapersson4366d ago

It was one of the very first games I downloaded on the PSN. The expansion pack made it that much better, too! I think the problem is that it got overshadowed by Super Stardust HD, even though the two games aren't really very similar except in game type.

It's nice to know that they're still supporting it!

Cajun Chicken4366d ago (Edited 4366d ago )

Gotta love the tilting and slow-mo. I think that's what really makes it different, sometimes you really have to have a strategy how to finish a stage. Especially with the jelly-fish type with the shields and starting explosive chain reactions by tilting Sixaxis and shooting.