EA and Endemol Announce Virtual Me

Electronic Arts is helping bridge the gap between television and gaming, as they announce a partnership with television production company Endemol to develop Virtual Me, which combines virtual avatar creation with popular television shows to create a unique experience that mixes the two genres.

calderra6206d ago

A virtual Me? My God, what will (Nintendo) think of next?

specialguest6206d ago (Edited 6206d ago )

You must be mistaking this for Nintendo's Mii. I just read the article and it has nothing to do with Nintendo. None of the related tags on Kotaku.com are Nintendo related either.


Josh Sawyer, Pentiment Director, Comments on Industry Burnout Issues

Josh Sawyer tweets: "I believe burnout has already replaced crunch as the primary hazard of the game industry. Managers are setting teams up to fail and devs are getting ground up as collateral damage. I have suffered from burnout myself. It's no joke. Thanks to @thewritegame and @Eeoor for the talk.

As with crunch, it's likely that managers may acknowledge creating the circumstances leading to burnout but will not take the necessary steps to change them. It's important that devs continue to talk to and support each other and to apply pressure until change is effected."

anast13h ago

Typically burnout comes from abusive management.

N3mzor11h ago

"Flood has replaced the faulty dam as the primary hazard of the valley"


Wired Productions is kicking-off its Wired Direct 2024 digital showcase on April 23rd, 2024

"Indie publishing powerhouse Wired Productions is throwing open the door to its secret games room with the revival of Wired Direct.

This digital showcase will shine a spotlight on the publisher's exciting 2024 lineup, including sensational new games, release dates, first looks and a couple of surprises on the night!" - Wired Productions.


Yuji Naka guilty of insider trading breaks silence to accuse Square Enix producer of lies

Yuji Naka was fined $1.2 million and given a suspended jail sentence for the crime.

Profchaos2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I find his comments around how Balan turned out to be very insightful as to why the game is trash. He basically apologises for its existence

solideagle1d 15h ago

can you please give some of us who don't know anything about this, a summary of what happened?

Chocoburger1d 14h ago

Balan was knowingly rushed out by S-E, it had an extremely short dev cycle and was fairly low budget.
Naka was the game's director until near the end when he was fired or perhaps he quit, I forgot.

carrotcakeag1d 12h ago

@Chocoburger Yeah they did fire and replace him which caused him to unload a bunch of rants about the company. The project only existed because of Naka in the first place, he convinced Square to give him one shot at making a platformer. They gave him an opportunity but pulled the rug out before he was done for reasons not explained.