OXCGN's 360 Exclusives – Infernal: Hell's Vengeance

This one sort of snuck up on us . . . yet another 360 exclusive out of E3 2009.

Earlier in the year it featured as an ad-placement on the Official Xbox Website and on our 360 Dashboards, then phhoofff!!! . . . gone from sight – and mind by the looks of it.

Then out of left field, Playlogic represented the game at E3 09, all ready for release in the 2nd quarter of 2009. Well that ends mighty soon, – and by all accounts, the game looks damn fine.

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Immortal Kaim4962d ago

The Game actually looks quite good.

On a side note, I'm playing Uncharted, this game is the bomb :)

Mo0eY4962d ago

I agreed with Uncharted being the bomb, but seriously? This game looks average at best.

gaminoz4962d ago

Did you mention Uncharted because the guy sort of looks like Drake? lol.

I'll have to see more about this one before getting too excited...too many other games have my interest and this one doesn't seem to jump out at me.

Syronicus4962d ago

Not something I can see myself playing but not bad to say the least.

Eddie201014962d ago

It was a really bad game on the PC, It looked good but had really boring game play.

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KingKionic 4962d ago

This looks like a pretty cool game.

Troll-Killer4962d ago (Edited 4962d ago )

....this is a poor job of reporting. This game is actually a 2 y.o. PC title, that failed miserably, and so they took more time with the 360 port before releasing it. That it "snuck up" on these guys is pretty sad.

@ the 2 disagrees: LOL...look it up, morons. I'm a 360 fan, and have no reason to lie about this. This game is just old news, and will be a flop...for the 2nd time...when it finally releases on the 360. There are a ton of games to look forward to..but this is NOT one of them.

green4962d ago (Edited 4962d ago )

I actually agree with you.The PC version was released 2 years ago and was pretty average , so there is no reason to think that the 360 version will be any different.This is just an attemp by the devs to try and make a few extra bucks because the PC version bombed. And in my honest opinion, it still looks horrible.

What OXCGN should be reporting on is Venetica, that game looks really good and is not even on the raider of most gamers. game is due for release 3rd quater this year.

XboxOZ3604962d ago (Edited 4962d ago )

We "recieved" this news on Friday last week, not several months ago, we also have an interview with Plaulogic about the game which will be coming out this week (the interview) on how they have reworked the game for the 360.

We can only submit the news as we get it, and if we like a game, we'll support it.

Games are aloud to be re-done, as we've always seen happen in the past.

And we will continue seeing these things in the future as more and more games are rebuilt for the consoles.

We do have a series of games to present, but, like all things, we have TWO hands, not a multinational corporation with countless PAID staff (we are ALL volunteers who work countless hours at getting this site out every day btw) who can scurry news and releases out the door faster than you can say hello.

So we'll present the games, and the direct interviews on this game (and yes, Venetica (which we have already addressed earlier, but have more info coming soon.

jaseo4962d ago

Games are aloud?

good excuses btw :)

Mo0eY4962d ago

As I said in the Gamer Zone, this game looks like crap. There's no unique selling point other than combining Prototype and Gears of War third-person gameplay in there.

This would be a game I would rent if I went to go pick up a certain game, and it wasn't there. I would glance through the game boxes intent on renting something to pass my time and finally just give up and pick this.

El Botto4962d ago

Wait...delay60 has exclusives?

Article is failure.

Jack Klugman4962d ago (Edited 4962d ago )

of course you wouldnt buy it because you dont even own the console moron.

darkmurder4962d ago

Looks like fun I must say

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